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Something to make you think.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

A hiatus from writing has meant a backlog of thoughts that seem to be obvious when I look at them on this page. Previously stacked head high in my thoughts, they seem to become simple when I type them.

They are realisations that relate to me and many readers:1 – Many of my endeavours in life were a result of me of avoiding a conversation with myself. 2 – The conversation is always waiting for you after you get sidetracked.3 – Many people spend their whole life avoiding a conversation with themself. Mainly because it is uncomfortable. It's easier to immerse yourself in a new direction. A trip... A relationship... A job... An argument... Buying the latest shiny object. The internal dialogue always dims under the brightness of the latest obsession.

Same ol, same ol.

What's wrong with doing the same thing year in and year out? Why do we have to start something new to make our life seem worthwhile? Just because your job isn't new doesn't mean it's not exciting.

The answer is right in front of us. It's because we think doing the same thing over and over is either a type of meditation (too hard) or a form of torture. Remember that at school we were punished with repetition. "I will not shout in class" written 100 times on the board. Our DNA soon read: Mind numbing repetition is to be avoided at all costs.
But isn't a state of constant and never ending improvement the way to make a good thing into a great thing? Starting from scratch in another endeavour often means going back to zero.
So, I look at my accomplishments and decide how to take them to a higher level. I leverage my earlier efforts and create something new. I climb to the top of a pile of papers and I can see what is possible.
Feeling pretty energised now.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hi SeanA, perhaps people avoid talking to themselves because it's only negative thoughts that keep going through their mind, and as soon as this happens it only makes them worse off, and pushes them deeper into the black hole.
If by chance a depressed person is congratulated by doing something, possibly from the past, does it mean anything to that person, no not really, it's past history and not how or why you are suffering now, so it means nothing.
Sure there have been times when I have been complimented on a job I had done a few years ago, but when I was depressed it meant zilch. Geoff.