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Regret making comment on Youtube

Earth Girl
Community Member

I made a comment on Youtube for the first (and so far at least) only time about a year or two ago. It had my first name in it, but not my last. I'm wondering if the Youtuber (who shadow banned me) would have been able to see my email address? Technically, there wasn't anything wrong with my comment, but it's complicated and ever since I commented on this person's channel, they have been talking about me and my family can't tell that I'm the one they are talking about, they just think they are talking about a random or not really talking about anyone in particular at all. If they do know my full name (my full name is in my email address), they could possibly use it against me somehow, but I'm not sure how exactly.

I know this probably sounds really complicated, but I just want to know, would they have been able to find out my full name? Would they still be able to see my comment that they shadow banned and would it be possible to easily remove my comment? If I deleted that email account, would it automatically delete the comment I made?

I thought I was being reasonably polite in my comment, but well.. yeah... complicated.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Not askimg... without knowing anything about handle on youtube etc. and how you use it, it should not be possible to work out your email address.

  • I would not the use my face to show who I am if making a comment.
  • I thought if you were shadow banned others would not be able to see your comments?
  • You can also go into your comment history and remove comments you have entered.

If you are really concerned, you could setup a new gmail account? Unless they have your full name, or you have made your full name known there should be little to worry about.

But hey ... I get it... when something bad happens (like being banned) then if you are unsure about technology, thinking the worst is easy. How important is it for you to watch the person's videos?

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Earth Girl, I'm not too knowledgeable about these types of social networking, but know that if you hover your cursor over your comment there should appear 2 or 3 dots that say 'edit or remove', then you have a chance to do this.


I didn't have my full name or picture of myself in my profile so I think it should be okay and they shouldn't know my full name or email. Other people did see my comment somehow because they talk about it on their channel sometimes. I think they must have waited a while before shadow banning me or something. Do people get a notification when someone comments on a Youtube that they also commented on? Also, is there a way to not let it show you their channel on your computer (not just one video of theirs)?


Earth Girl
Community Member
Thank you.