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Re- clouded, unclear mind

Community Member

Hey guys this could go in anxiety or staying well to be honest. But given been able to relatively handle this stuff, just usually recently. The clouded mind, unclear judgement sort of thing means that yeah can/have been able to just get on with life. Somewhat but yeah still gets at me, just stays tricky to work through and deal with. Cos sometimes saying the wrong thing happens and just feel weird and look often feel bad for it. Even shame/guilt so yeah is tough, anyway yeah just thought would put this out there. Good day for anyone that sees this yeah

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Guest_6011~

Welcome back. I think maybe you might have a better handle on things at the moment. You do say things could go either way, anxiety or staying well. I'm not sure that staying well was even an option before.


As you say with things the way they are it is difficult to navigate though life with clouded mind, unclear judgement and things that can go wrong and make you feel weird or bad. To handle all that, even if imperfectly, is pretty good and demonstrates your coping skills.


I don't think there is anything at all to feel shame about. Life has handed you a hard time, and you are doing the best you can.


Do you mind if I ask about a couple of things you mentioned a few weeks ago? I was wondering what you decided about that job - are you still there? Also you had a medical appointment coming up -was that any help?


Take care