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Passing the baton

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It is always nice to be valued and/or appreciated for who and what you are in this life.   There is nothing more rewarding than to be supported and encouraged to do well in something that you are passionate about.   From time to time, we need those little morale boosters to maintain the momentum.   I should say, some of us need that while others have their own natural inclination to usually if not always do well in whatever they do.   These people are usually the leading lights in the arts and other human endeavours that require talent and skill to achieve the best performance possible.   Classical actors, for example, have an aura about them that attracts people to them, and they are admired for being the best in their particular field.   Shining lights that show the way for those following who might one day share the same accolades.    We can't all be national treasures or experts at what we do or try to do but we do need the support from others who want to see us go as far as we can.   Living a good life depends on how our parents and immediate families value us to pass on their wisdom so that we might become the best we can.   Being a parent is one of the most demanding tasks, but it is also one of the most rewarding if your advice and support is heeded and then acted upon and one day you are able to witness the fruits of your labour when the life that you helped to create finds the success that you wish to them.   

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Community Champion

Dear Amd1953~

You are quite right of course, to be praised and encouraged for whatever walk of life one goes down is most necessary.


Your mention of passing on wisdom as a parent reminded me of a similar episode. For 18 months I had the pleasure of teaching my young recently qualified replacement the technical and practical methods I'd been using.


We both learned, as that young peron had picked up later techniques and information I'd not heard of, and they used what I taught and became proficient at the occupation.


To have someone take what you say seriously and put it into practice (and be kind enough to laugh at my jokes) was a great satisfaction  and affirmed my time had not been wasted.