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On the way up?

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I feel like things are finally on the way up for me.

I had my weight loss surgery last week. Was successful in my two week pre op diet, have been great since surgery and really sticking to my postop diet which is basically just cottage cheese, yoghurt and soup! Ive really surprised myself on how disciplined ive been with this process. Im also surprised that despite having 80% of my stomach cut away, my medication for bipolar is still having its effect! I was told that the medication may need altering and that weight loss might be slower but i feel like things are going well so far.

Ive had so much motivation since the surgery. Motivation to get back to working, earning income again, to get healthy. I even loved my time at the private hospital so much that im actually considering going private for my next baby!

This weight loss surgery, it wasnt just to lose the weight. It was to resolve other issues too, mainly to do with fertility. So im hoping that in 12-18 months ill be set to start trying for that baby ive been longing for for so many years now. Its my next biggest step in life! Its exciting that things are getting back on track.

But it also makes me worry, what if these feelings are bipolar related and ill just come crashing down at any moment? That thought freaks me out!

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Community Champion

Hello MissJ94,

That is fantastic to hear, and good job on hitting those milestones you were aiming for. I imagine the motivation and energy must feel really amazing and exciting.

I do not have bipolar disorder, but I understand some of it and can see where your concern is coming from. I don't know if I can really give advice, but may I ask if you are worried because that is what has happened previously?

I suppose in my life, I like to try and stay relatively stable with my expectations and anticipation for the future. Some of my friends just like to take things as they come, and that is what makes them overall happier. So I guess we all have a different way of dialling in that balance of excitement and caution, and none is better than the other. But it's really fantastic to hear that you are feeling like you are on the way up, and feeling motivated! After all, motivation is often the first step to making positive changes in our lives 🙂


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Thanks for the reply

It has happened in the past. Things will go well for a while then everything comes crashing down almost even worse than the previous time.

In the last few years ive learnt to just accept that whatever happens happens, not to get my hopes too high, try not to see the negatives that can happen. But my mind always tends to go to the negatives that can happen because the negatives always seem to happen, if that makes sense?

I know with my bipolar my mood cycles. Im more in a depressive state than a high state so i guess thats why i dont know if im in a high now or if its not? I can easily identify being in a depressive state because ive been in it so often, i feel like im coming out of my most recent depressive state which was a really rough last few months for me. My now i ask myself, if this me going into stability with my mood or is this the beginning of a high?🤔

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Community Champion
So glad to hear your surgery went well and you are feeling positive about so many aspects of your life MissJ94. It's a huge milestone and change to your lifestyle, so it's really great for you that things are going smoothly and you're managing well.

Keep us posted 🙂

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thanks for your post.

I have lived with bipolar for over 45 years and know how long depression can last and if slly when one feels well , one worries one may be gett8ng high and worried things may get out of. O troll It can be hard to trust the stab,e times. I have someone I trust who knows me who will tell me ifI an getting too high

tbere is a thread This bipolar life , where you can browse or you are most welcome to post. It is a friendly supportive thread.

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Hello MissJ, it must have been a huge decision to decide to have this surgery after weighing up all the pros and cons, but have it, which means new clothes and a new person, well done.

Just take your time to adjust and lap up all the compliments said to you, they must all be so encouraging towards you.