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Nature is both beautiful and healing...๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿฆ‹

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Everyone....

I love nature and I find it very helpful in helping me in healing way..when Iโ€™m not in a good head space...I was wondering if others feel the same and am hoping that you might share your piece of nature, whether itโ€™s a small patch of grass in your back yard..somewhere that you drive to, to just relax, somewhere close to you that you walk amongst...and if you have really taken the time to listen, watch, feel, smell, the wonders all around us..

I love nature..the trees, flowers, creatures both big and small, itโ€™s my solitude place, a place I go to when things are getting to hard for me..

I am lucky, I have this huge gumtree which I found out about recently...
It was planted around 70 years ago by a local here when she was a little girl, and living in the house Iโ€™m now living in...About 5 years after she planted it, a strong wind with rain blew it down....A few of the locals saw her trying to stand it up to replant it...and they came to help her...and successfully managed to replant it....Today itโ€™s easily over 60feet tall and just as wide, the trunk of the tree would need 4 people to hug it by joining hands..
The tree stands in front of my place and in front of the paddocks across from me..which the owner has some Angus cows, which love to lay under the tree....Birds are everywhere here, and a few use the tree as their home..

I sit outside for hours sometimes, watching the birds come and go for food and water I have supplied for them in bird feeders and bird baths....Itโ€™s a beautiful and peaceful way to relax watching and feeling what Mother Nature has provided for us...
For me itโ€™s both calming and healing...

Do you have a piece of nature around you...and how does it make you feel when you take the time to just look and take in the wonder of it all....

We would love to hear about how nature helps you...and do you find that it can be healing for your soul...

Kind and caring thoughts everyone..


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Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Ggrand

Thank you for this thread. The story about your gum tree was amazing, I felt like I was standing out the front of your place with you!

I live across the road from the sea and the beach is my go to place for grounding. I always walk barefoot, so I can enjoy the connection with the earth, just near the water's edge.

What I love is the surprise of seeing the colour of the water when I arrive. It can appear gun metal grey, green or deep blue depending on the time of day, weather and lighting. And nothing beats just sitting, closing your eyes and listening to the sound of the waves.

My local beach is a bit of heaven on earth and it feeds my soul and lifts my mood on every visit.

Kind thoughts to you

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Grandy, a beautiful gumtree and does the bark look as though it's turning right?

Before our divorce, people used to just sit on a massive porch I'd built and look over two towns plus the mountains behind where the weather would change within a few minutes, it was quiet, peaceful and not a sound, that's what I miss, although happy that I don't have to chop wood, but now if I had to, it would be impossible due to physical health.

Take care.


Community Member

I definitely like nature. Being amongst it sort of helps me feel alive. And sometimes refreshed.

Many times I may be just sitting out in the sunshine, because I do like that warmth of that soaking into me. As long as its not burning. Anyway as I am sitting I may notice ants. Ants that are always busy, some carrying a particular tiny bit food or even a sick ant it its jaws. Often the food is bigger then the ant. If there are a few ants they may follow the ant in front of them on the exact same trail. If they meet up with any coming back on that trail they may stop. I often think they are communicating in some way together, but I don't really know. They then part ways and of they walk, each in their own direction.

Hey Summer Rose

I also like going to the beach, it's my happy place. And yes I know what you mean to walk barefoot in the sand. The feeling of the sand on the bottom of your feet just feels nice.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Summer Rose, Geoff, Shell...

I needed to find out about the gumntree..itโ€™s caught hold of me in a way I canโ€™t explain...Itโ€™s just so beautiful to watch..

Summer Rose..I love the sound of you beach..We used to travel to Orient Point, then walk up to the abandoned light house, and sit on the bench which was high above the ocean, and listen to it as it crashed onto the rocks below..the sound is so relaxing...We would sit their to have lunch before we headed back down the steps, through the jungle and then barefoot in the water just where it breaks on the sand...I really miss the beach..but I love the country just as much..

Geoff...While Iโ€™m sitting on my front veranda, I have mountain ranges in the not to far distance..a few times Iโ€™ve actually seen and heard the rain coming across from the mountains to mine..Watching and listening to the rain before it reaches my place is awesome..I live on the back street of town..no traffic..itโ€™s beautiful and quiet..except for the birds..

Shell...Ants are fun to watch..they are so busy collecting their yummies to eat...even though they rush here and their..they are still very calming and good for grounding and bringing us into the now...

Thank you all for your lovely posts and sharing how nature helps you...

I have always believed that nature is our gift for God...and if we care for it and really look, listen, feel, touch and smell all it has to offer us...It helps us in many different ways...

Please share what nature means to you..and if it helps you in anyway..


Hi Grandy
What a wonderful Thread topic! I love what you posted about the gumtree...You do have a kind soul to articulate that as well as you have! Was it a Redgum?

I love the parrots and birdlife in my yard and find peace watching them and their ability to communicate

Nice1 Grandy โœ”


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Paul..

Thank you for your kind words...

I wasnโ€™t sure of what the gum tree is...It is a mountain gum..the leaves smell of Eucalyptus...and in late spring/early summer it rains of the time fibres of the creamy coloured flowers...

I am so happy that you have parrots and birdlife in your garden...Our council encourages us to have bird baths around here..in summer a lot of birds die from heat exhaustion...which is so sad....

Do you have a bird feeder/bath in your yard..I know many city suburbs donโ€™t encourage it all....

Take good care of you Paul....Your a huge asset and valuable on the forums and in real life...You have a very caring and kind heart...


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Grandy,

Thank you for this thread. Nature is certainly beautiful and healing.

As I write this, I'm sitting next to my window (as I always do). It overlooks a walking trail that's full of beautiful trees and a little pond. I love watching the ducks in the pond and the cockatoos that fly from tree to tree. Recently, a magpie has taken to attacking my windows. I haven't had much luck stopping it so far, it's very, very determined. I think of it as a silly little pet now and say hi whenever it comes by. It's calming to have so much nature by my side.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Emmen, and everyone...

Magpies are strange birds, they hang around the area for years if they are happy their...Maybe Magpie is trying to get in through your window for some pats...

Where you live sounds so beautiful and peaceful...Ponds are full of wildlife...Do you ever go down to the pond, sit and feed the ducks?...

kind thoughts everyone..