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Let’s talk..Weight Loss, Healthy Diets, exercise and healthy lifestyle….

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Hello Everyone…🤗


Like many other community members, I am overweight…I need to loose weight for my health and me😁


Now, how do we do that, when age is a bit of a barrier along with medication and no motivation to exercise….


I thought I would use this thread so we can offer encouragement, support, recipes, motivation and congratulations to those who need/want to loose weight…


Also, if you feel to, you can also have a bit of a rant…..but no downing yourselves at all…because, no matter how much we weigh…or what our body type is…..we are all beautiful people…


First thing I need to do is to limit my sugar from 4 teaspoons to maybe down to 3 in my cup of tea….for a month or so, then reduce it down to 2….


Are you on a weight loss journey, need encouragement or want to give encouragement to other members…do you have suggestions for healthy recipes……or gentle ways to exercise….then please jump into this thread and let’s do this together….


Kind thoughts everyone with a welcoming hug…🤗🤗.


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Valued Contributor

Hello there, Grandy.

I've been working to lose weight, to become healthier, fitter, stronger, too, for some months now.

I am doing this because of my health, too, having been informed, being overweight I am at greater risk for more cancer to turn up elsewhere in my body - & I don't want that. If I do have some other cancer develop it may not be 'easy' to treat as the cancers I have already had removed.

I'm getting older, too.

I want to do as much for myself as I can into my latter years. I am having some support already, & I need more, but that is frought with anxiety.

It's a good start, having less sugar wherever you can. That was the first thing I did.

I was using an sugar replacement for my coffee & cooking, but I am hearing some studies are showing that may not be the ideal solution for some people, because of how it may stimulate the same response in the brain that sugar does. I'll still use it occasionally, like I did today.

I decided to have a couple slices of French Toast with some crushed strawberries. I decided I wanted cinnamon & then wanted a little more sweetness, so I used the sweetener.

I quit coffee, because I wanted too much sweetener, too. & I thought, how much nutrition is there in coffee?

I've also swiched to a low fat milk, too.

I think getting good advice is useful. You can feel more confident about what you choose to eat when yu've had good advice.

Of-course there are the things we all have heard, which I think yu know, too.

The basics have not changed:

Lots fresh veg

Some fresh fruit

Lean meat, fish, lean poultry, are fine too, (as is kangaroo, which I like)

Eggs are fine but not every day, not four or five at once, either.

Reduce the salt, fat & sugar.

Olive oil, & not saturated fat in cooking

& we can support you, or you might find groups online, or where you live, (I know, Grandy, you & others living in rural areas will not find people  around you easily, but one or two friends can be great supporters).

I find exercising with someone very helpful. I agree, keeping motivated while at home alone is very difficult. I try to keep my ultimate goal in mind, alongside the knowledge that if I don't do it, no-one can do it for me. It is up to me, to do for me, & by me. How else do I put it?

You have my support, Grandy, 100%.



P.S. I'll be back

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Community Champion

Hello Dear mmMeKitty and everyone….🤗.


Thank you mmMeKitty for your very informative post…I like your ideas so much….I like how pro active and knowledgeable you are about healthy eating….I wish you all the luck in the world in achieving your goal….


Two things I have changed in my diet so far….is to lower my sugar intake and substitute bread with rice cakes…I cannot sweeteners because my Dr. told me they are not good for my heart, so I’m hoping eventually I will completely eliminate refined sugar as well as raw sugar….which I have used for many years now…I can drink coffee without sugar but am not that keen on it….but in winter or the colder months we, we’ll I do feel the need for a hot beverage throughout the day to warm me from inside out😀


Another big problem of mine is *comfort eating* plus I do like food…a little too much unfortunately….so I’ve changed my dinner plate to a smaller dinner plate…hoping that will also help….


I like fruit and vegetables but not the fruit or vegetables  that’s available here from Coles or Woolworths…if I could get some straight of a tree out from the ground, I would be inclined to eat more of them….I did grow my own vegetables about 2-3 years ago but the upkeep is very expensive in water as my soil is basically gravel with bits of dirt in it😂…I have an Orange tree that only gives me a few oranges yearly and a mulberry tree that hasn’t produced any fruit as yet….


I think diets are not the way to go…better just eating smaller amounts at meal times is best, that way I do not miss out on important nutrients that my body needs…


Good news is that in the 2 weeks since I changed my eating habits I’ve dropped nearly a kilo….


Today for lunch I’m having yogurt with fresh strawberries added to it….not sure what I’m having for dinner as yet….I am not a red meat eater at all and stick to chicken and fish mainly…


Hugs beautiful people..🤗🤗🤗

Grandy ..

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Valued Contributor

Hi Grandy


I’m proud of you achieving what you have. Hugzies & well done!


Yeah, no dieting, I’m making choices based on what is in my own best interest, for my health, fitness, caring more for me than ever before.


I do like numbers, but resist checking often. I'm not buying a talking scale to weigh myself... I will wait & check when I see my GP. (The latest seems to be very much better than the last, so I think he'll help me with my weight & fitness, too).


Oh, about meat, not eating red meat can leave you iron deficient - something to talk to your GP about.


I've need to check my meal sizes, too, although I use smaller plates, but my bowls are big. I also tend to think I have to finish everything on my plate, just like when I was little. Old habits, too can be challenged.


I’ve been writing a lot more than this, & will post about both ‘comfort’  food & the choices I make, & about exercise & motivation, soon.




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Hi Grandy

I agree that beautiful people come in all shapes and sizes. 

I am using an injectable medication and it is helping me to lose weight albeit slowly.  I need to shed 35kgs.  I can still eat a variety of foods but in lower portions. I have hypothyroidism and am now on medication  for 5 years, having had surgery and radiation from breast cancer, all of which are messing with my body and not helping me to lose weight easily. 

I put on a lot of weight whilst caring for my husband who has ptsd and alzheimers, he is now in a home as i realised that I couldnt cope with breast cancer and caring for him. Bouts of fatigue ( side effects of the radiation and medication ) are my enemy right now but I am told that it will pass...Depression tries to take over but so far I have shaken it off.  My GP says that even a small weight  loss each week is good so I am going with that.  I walk in shopping centres so if fatigue hits I can sit down somewhere.  I intend to graduate to walking on the outside of the centres soon then around some of the beautiful parks in my area.  I have set a goal that I am going to be in a good headspace by New Year and that 2024 ( my 79th year)  will be my start in my new life. 

I wish you well in your efforts to lose weight

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Valued Contributor

Hello Grandy & Tuppeny

Tuppeny, I have also had breast cancer, & had surgery & a hormone blocker to take, too. I hope what I want to say here is of help to you, as well as to Grandy.

It’s been tough, so I can only hope my experience can help others.


As promised, to Grandy, now to anyone reading here is more of what I’ve been thinking & doing.


About exercise & what motivates me:

I really began exercising at home, just for fun, using tins from my cupboard. Only when I began taking my health more seriously, did I buy some dumbbells.

After the double mastectomy, the physio gave me stretching exercises. My skin, tendons & muscles were so tight, I needed to work on that a lot.

Then I developed bursitis in my right shoulder, & had more exercises to do. The physio was correct, saying, movement was key, move as much & as often as you can, she said.

After that I heard about my weight being linked to cancer, especially after having had two.

So, I guess, it's fear that has motivated me, & I admit, I am not happy with how my body has been altered by the surgery. I didn't really expect how the fat nearby would be shifted & seem more prominent a feature on my body than I'd been thinking. I guess, it 'opened my eyes' to how much extra weight I am carrying. No, I don't like it.  I think it's unattractive - to myself it's unattractive. I'm not trying to be attractive to anyone else.



& I’ll be back again, soon.

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Valued Contributor

Hello again, (already), Grandy & Tuppeny, & everyone reading

I think it's good to have a goal, one which is something to look forward to, with some eagerness.


Here is more, about 'comfort' food & the choices I make:


I like salt way too much - but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed ridiculous to have the salt & be on meds to control my blood pressure. What am I trying to do when I want to eat salty things? Am I trying to negate the good the meds do? Am I trying to sabotage my efforts to become healthier? & why?

When I choose ‘comfort’ foods, is that really a good way to care for & love myself?

It's been difficult though. I'm not always able to say 'no', even though I have some other ways I can deal with the need that eating the 'comfort' food seems to fill.

I like music, warm gentle music, from favourite musicians. During winter, I like my fuzzy blankets, the rainbow pullover hoodie, & now the warm, lemon-yellow pants - being warm provides a certain comfort when I am feeling cold/freezing.

When I shower, it's the warmth, again, which feels good. & being fresh & clean is also caring for myself.

I like being in the sun (but I have problems being in such glary brightness & here, I'd be outside, feeling anxious about neighbours or strangers, so if I had a place where I could have a personal space in the sun, like a porch, I'd love to sit out there on sunny winter mornings.

Exercise does feel good, like I'm doing something good ... though, physically, it doesn't feel quite so good, I have to trust that my efforts will bring about (along with the food choices), better health to myself.

& one day this week, for my Birthday, (64), I am going to have a lovely lunch & not berate myself for this one-day of not-so-healthy eating. Then we’re going to the beach.



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Community Champion

Hello mmMeKitty, Tuppeny and everyone…..🤗..


I have 25 kilos to loose, I did loose 2kilos then put on 1kilo…I think this is going to take a while….My heart meds slow my heart rate and metabolism down a lot which is making it very difficult….especially since my heart meds were increased a year back….

I have an idea how to loose weight, but years of a very strict and controlling diet by my late husband has left me now craving the foods I was never allowed to eat..foods like biscuits, cakes, lollies, chocolate, peanuts, strawberries, pineapples, even milo and tea was not allowed….I’m not sure if I’m being defiant because I can be now or if I’m making up for all the years I missed out on these yummy foods and eating them at times of loneliness and depression….it does seem to help lift me up, but only for a short time….then guilt sets in and you know what that feels like and how it makes us feel towards ourselves….


mmMeKitty, I like that you’re so knowledgeable about healthy eating and can utilise into your daily eating….I think I need to be a bit more harder on myself with comfort eating🙂…I thought rice was good for me but a friend told me that they are hard carbs and not that good for you because they take a long time to leave my body…so many dangerous carbs are hiding in foods that we think are good for us….Gee rice is a staple food in some countries and most of their population are thin….Just can’t win can we😀


Thank you mmMeKitty, I had a small piece of red meat last week and will try to have some at least once a week or fortnight…your right in saying that it’s a good iron source…


Tuppenny, hi…I like the way you walk around shopping centres, and your goal to walk around the beautiful parks in your area…I wish I could do that, my anxiety has stopped me from walking anywhere at all for many years….at work (Vinnies) I’m fine walking around the shop and usually do between 6-7 thousand steps a day…at home I’m lucky to do even a few hundred🙂…Maybe I’m loosing a bit of weight when I’m at work, then putting it all back on plus more, when I’m home, doing nothing and being tempted to eat something to, well, to kill the loneliness and boredom I feel on those days at home….Definitely,  I need a hobby to keep my kind and hands busy but no motivation to even start one….for some reason I cannot find any joy in doing anything just for myself…


My kindest thoughts with a few hugs…🍀💕🦋🤗🤗🤗.


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Valued Contributor

Hi Grandy & everyone

I don't think all rice is so terrible. I was trying brown rice for quite a while, but the cooking time is longer & esults in a rice which is not the same texture as white rice. Basmati rice is a compromise. It takes longer to digest, & so keeps me feeling fuller for (somewhat) longer. I might have rice two, maybe three times per week.

Same goes for pasta. I do like my pasta, but now compromise & have less & use a wholemeal pasta, so I'm not cooking as much pasta with each meal, because wholemeal pasta also keeps me feeling fuller for longer. Also two or maybe three times per week.

Potatos are a little more difficult. I like them too. I was given the suggestion to have a little sweet potato instead, but I find my digestive system doesn't respond well to sweet potato. Sometimes I still have a couple small potatos in a meal. Again, only tow or three times per week.

(You can see I don't have a strict weekly menu.)

Or I may also have bread - a multigrain bread with a meal, or as a sandwich.

None of these can remain the main part of my meals. The vegies are at least half of each meal (except breakfast).


You might say, I had a day off, today. Since I make the decisions now, I also decide, there will be no recriminations for today.

Tomorrow, I will be back right on track, ... uh, machines at the gym at any rate.

The weather is not so cold, so salads are easier to include again. That'll be good, too.


The thing to keep in mind, Grandy, your late husband is not there telling you anything now, no longer making decisions anymore - all the decisions are yours, now. You have the right to make your own decisions. You deserve to be very loving & kind to yourself, to give yourself the best of care when looking after yourself. It's not a punishment, not a way to make you feel bad or ugly or worthless, nothing of the sort.  You are in the driver's seat, the one in control, with only yourself to answer to & you can answer to yourself with as much warm compassion as you give to others here on BB.







Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Grandy and everyone 🖐


This is a really good thread Huns. 

I’m tagging for now and shall slowly catch up on other posts here. 

Good on you darls 🤗🌈🌸