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I know they mean well

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just wondering if anyone else is having daily contact with others on a mental health journey.  I am a teacher and there are about 4 other teachers in my department at various stages of their mental health journey.  As a relative newbie, I have been listening to their advice and stories about what to do and what not to do.  I am now thinking that is not a great idea.  I feel like they are now reliving the early stages of their journeys through me, and what they would and wouldn't do the same or different.  This is starting to make me feel more anxious than I already am and I don't want to hurt their feelings by telling them to butt out as I do value the support they offer when I really need it.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.  

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Firstly sending hugs and healing thoughts your way.


I can see your dilemma, and maybe it is they' that need a sounding board?


People are draw to others that experience the same thing, and rather than see it as them telling you "what to do", you could see it as them needing to tell someone there experiences.


Sometimes listening can be all they need.

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If your feeling anxious after chatting with them, close your eyes for a moment and center yourself, listen to your own breath in slowly and out slowly then with eyes closed listen for outside sounds like the cherp  of a bird or the laughter of a child.

I find that takes me away from brain fogg and brings me back to the now.

Hope it helps