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I feel powerless and I don't trust anything or anyone anymore

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I'm not happy with how the world operates. I understand that given my current position as a supermarket worker who does nothing else but stay inside in his room doesn't make me the most reliable source but I'm here, nonetheless, scared. With that work, and the concurrent controversies this unnamed business faces, it made me think about some sort of bigger picture stuff that makes me feel unsettled. It came from a YouTube video I watched about how societies and effectively democracies form and work in this day and age. Given, it was within the context of a video game discussion about the destruction of mankind, but it commentates on the idea that open markets cannot solve all problems, particularly those associated with inequality, climate change and wellbeing. As these issues continue to rise, there should be a greater acknowledgement that open markets cannot be the sole fundamental system a democracy abides by to assess the progress and freedom of people. Yet, and this is what I'm uncomfortable with, it doesn't look like anything will change for the better in my lifetime or my children lifetime.


I'm Australian and learning that certain major political groups no longer exist to engage in deeper discussion or may have never existed for that purpose but to simply put some money in their pockets and some mates seems terrifying. Some even enter without proper credentials, which scares me. It also undermines certain environmental activities like deforestation and gas plantations being open with barely any acknowledgement. The endangerment of koalas was only recently picked up by the news after 2-3 years of their classification being announced because another party was in power, and they wanted to make them look bad. Interntaional relations also worry me. Being pointed gun-ho towards another nation as if to declare war is terrifying. In returning to that video, it acknowledges that choices and actions should be made transparently with input from all people, rather than weakening it to representatives.


I understand focusing and appreciating the "smaller things" is an important health strategy. However, work makes me feel miserable seeing the excess of packaged food that could be going elsewhere. Freedom, as free markets denote, does not feel as free anymore. They want me to exist in the past, present and future and all while little acknowledgement to wider world around me? I'm guessing I am responsible but things I'm better off knowing aren't making me happier.

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Community Champion

Dear Yellow-Thorn78~

I'd like to welcome you back and I'm sad to say there is a lot of truth in what you have been saying. Having a job you do not enjoy and the death of your grandpa plus difficulties forming relationships will all have weighed you down.


This can easily lead ot feelings of hopelessness and having no power to change things, and that is bad for you. I have, among other things, bouts of depression and when I start to feel overwhelmed by hte state of the world I now it is time ot see my psych again.


You are not powerless, it is simply you have to set your sights at things that are realistic. Being kind to others is one of the most powerful things you can do, and makes the world just that little bit better. True, you can only do that within the circle of people you know, but that really is enough. It may also have the side effect of helping you form relationships and get out of that room.


Nelson Mandella was kind and courteous to his jailers, and that had a lasting effect on then , and his kindness reached out in the end to his whole country.


I'm not suggesting you are any Mandella:) Just that every bit helps.


I think I remember seeing that you had visited a psych in the past, if you start to feel overwhelmed I'd strongly suggest you see them again


If you would like to talk some more you would be welcome