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How to disagree respectfully? All ideas are welcome.

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Community Champion

I have noticed especially in social media but also in real life, that people find it hard to disagree with respect.

We have seen politicians being personal and rude to each other just because they have different opinions.

I don't think it is possible for us all to agree with each other but it is necessary for us to discuss our differences without attacking the personality of the other person.

How do you disagree with people showing politeness and respect.?

I encourage you to share your ideas, even if you find it hard to disagree respectfully.

I feel for our mental health it is important for us to be aware of how our comments may affect others.


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Hi all

I have strong opinions on some topics and when ppl say things on these topics, I do speak up and disagree.

I also try and learn why they think that and why im so triggered by it,

When I hear ppl say very insensitive opinions against vulnerable populations, usually I'll discuss my feelings with someone who can support me and listen, I don't want to talk to them more when their views hurt me so much.

On certain topics I care about I can only tolerate so much

Eg if someone puts down or degrades abuse victims.

I just walk away.