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How to disagree respectfully? All ideas are welcome.

Community Champion
Community Champion

I have noticed especially in social media but also in real life, that people find it hard to disagree with respect.

We have seen politicians being personal and rude to each other just because they have different opinions.

I don't think it is possible for us all to agree with each other but it is necessary for us to discuss our differences without attacking the personality of the other person.

How do you disagree with people showing politeness and respect.?

I encourage you to share your ideas, even if you find it hard to disagree respectfully.

I feel for our mental health it is important for us to be aware of how our comments may affect others.


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Hi quirky.

Your words are right out of my mouthπŸ˜… i couldnt have said it better myself.

Cheers lynne

Hi quirky.

I forgot to mention i love the saying.

We'll just have to agree to disagree

hi Lynne,

Thanks for you words.

How do you think we can disagree with respect without saying sorry a lot.? I think I say sorry too much but not sure what to say.


Hi quirky.

Your guess is as good as mine. Theres a person who is reguarly in the same area i regularly walk past. Hes been making disrepectful comments to me. He knows where i live and knocked on my door one day and mentioned i dont need jumpers cause i have enough blubber to keep me warm. I could never use a bath tub because i would fill up the whole tub. He said is there somewhere i can sit to smoke, i said only outside my house is strictly no smoking but he ignored that and walked through my house with the lit cigarette. Hes commented that im weird im strange today he said neighbours would say "what are you on if they saw inside your house". A few weeks ago while my dog was lying down resting he came up and pulled his tail and jesse turned around in fright and he said "oh your dog dosnt like he's tail pulled. I didnt say anything to any of it because im scared to ever stand up for myself. I can stand up for myself and jesse on bb im not on social media and i can stand up for myself in letter but in person its a very different story.

Cheers lynne

Hi Quirky

I must have been hibernating somewhere for missing this excellent thread topic...Good1 πŸ™‚

Thats a hard question yet an important one (your thread topic)

I guess it depends on the topic......business.....personal.....climate change issues...

Are you speaking about personal disagreements?

I use the rule of Baseball......3 strikes and your out. If I cant make my point 'gently' after 3 tries I just let the other person run with their opinion and become very bored utilize my time on more worthwhile causes

I always am respectful if I disagree....after the 3 strikes (attempts) my care factor reduces...by about 100% πŸ™‚

Great topic Quirky and thankyou!


Lynne, Paul and everyone reading.

Lynne that person sounds very rude and I would try to avoid them or have something written down and read from that.

Paul welcome . I like the baseball rule .

I want to and have discussed all sorts of disagreements from business to personal., online and offline. Since online can be anonymous people can be rude when disagreeing . I know we can’t agree with everyone we can listen.

I welcome any contributions and ideas on this topic.


Hi quirky.

Oooh thats a tricky one bout online. Im not sure if your refering to bb or elswhere. I joined facebook once for a short time to join an pet talk group and made an innocent post about my dogs rash and copped abuse from different people not doing this and that. Im gobsmacked with the most innocent benign comments on youtube get so many vile replies. I make no bones about it i would seem rude on hear to some people and have recieved it also. I dont for the life of me understand how a troll on social media can get the enjoyment out of what they do. I still think of poor charlotte dawson. Yes the internet is great but i honestly think it is one of the worst inventions and humans would be better without its existence.

Cheers lynne

Greetings everyone,


I did not mean this BB forum as people are respectful here.

I mean social media in general like facebook and twitter.

I agree people seem to get angry and outraged so easily.

don't see the internet as one of the worst inventions, and it does have a good side of connecting people around the world. I think the way it is managed is important. On sites they are not regulated it can be a free fall.

ike most things there are good and bad.

I am sorry you have had bad experiences online but people also encounter rude people in real life.

do agree that online makes it easier to get angry and be disrespectful

Thanks for your thoughts as I always find them interesting.


Hi quirky.

Maybe i have a different view of what respect is, im good at thinking things very different others πŸ˜•. There is an old post i came across that a reply i found rude and disrepectful. The post has nothing to do with me. I never ever have intentionly been rude or disrepectful on here but because im so open in writing i can appear rude, so i can pretty much guarantee ive peed off people on bb.

The only reason i wish the internet didnt exist is because of all the teenagers who would still be alive who ended there lives from online bullying.

I thought facebook everyone knows who you are because you have to write your name ect. I dont know anything about twitter.

likewise love hearing your thoughts.

cheers lynne

Hello everyone,

I have found people on social media who start calling people names as they disagree with them.

Can we discuss how we disagree and express our thoughts calling people names.