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How do people manage at work?

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I'm starting a new job this week after my previous job wanted to say I was unfit for duty due to accessing too much leave. My new employer only provides the minimum of ten days sick leave per annum and I'm concerned as a sufferer I won't manage, what can I do to make sure my condition stays under control and I can stay well and not use sick leave. Howdy others hold down full time jobs
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Hi saz88,

First thing I would suggest is speaking to your new manager and perhaps advising them of your health situation but also reassuring them you will be 100% committed to the role and not be trying to take leave all the time as you are trying to manage it. Have you had a discussion with your GP about ways to manage it?

As I am not 100% familiar with your background I can't say 100% how I would cope. I have anxiety but have learnt to hide it well and work is actually a distraction for me and takes my mind off it.

My best for you,


Hi saz88, thanks for your post.  This thread is very similar to another one you started last month, so we're going to close this off and ask that everyone continue this discussion in the original thread.  Keeping to one thread for support on an issue helps the community keep up with your story and have all the relevant information in front of them for providing support.