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Do you find watching Youtube 4K walk videos a great way to unwind and relax at home?

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As we are still in a pandemic, lockdowns and their aftermaths have worn down the best of us. Even then, sometimes we just can't leave our homes to venture into the city or local shopping centre for some reason.

On Youtube, there are 4k videos - basically, it's someone who's filming their POV as they walk through cities and attractions. There are hundreds of such videos on Youtube, covering many cities and places across the world. They tend to run for about 30 minutes on average, and it's a great opportunity to do people-watching and contemplating the sights.

I used to live in South Australia, and I often watch 4K videos of Adelaide CBD, because it brings back so many nice memories and I feel a release of bottled-up emotions and feel I'm actually there, walking in Adelaide. It's also just interesting to watch the other people walking and any new developments in the area.

Does anyone else watch 4K videos, too? I think it's great for people with mental illness who are curious about the world and can get a personal "tour" of any global city.

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absolutely Scarlett, I watched them walking around Melbourne CBD on a rainy day, it was cozy. I also watched megacities such as Manhattan, london or some small towns in Japan with Temples, onsen etc, a total different vibes. 🙂

I like that it is both the visual and the sound, it's actually more of ASMR for me, But sometimes it's kind of a bummer with some sudden loud noise like the horn of a car that was very close, which of course the youtuber who recorded the video couldn't actually do anything about it.

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Hi ScarlettR

Yes me too! I often go on youtube or a mindfulness app to relax. I like listening to ASMR or just long videos with rain/nature noises. And I know my brother only can relax when listening to his music playlist. So different things for different people! I never heard of the 4k pov videos though. Sounds great, I'll have to check it out! Thanks

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Can't say I've ever watched those (although I've seen videos that are similar) but that sounds so beautiful and therapeutic. I would absolutely love to watch some, what do you search into YouTube to find them?