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Depression-distraction and variety

white knight
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Medication is crutial as part of staying well if you suffer from depression. But we know we still have our depressed periods. Psychiatry is advisable but what about the periods in between appointments?

We need road detours on depression street. Like one of those ramps they have when descending steep mountains where trucks can shunt.

Distraction is such a tool to use. Why?

You find it hard to get out of bed. But we know you have to visit the bathroom and kitchen at times. Then drag yourself to walk 50 metres down the road. In that time you are using your senses...you smell flowers or even pollution, you hear noises, you feel the wind upon your skin and you focus on the environment. ..all things you wouldnt be doing while in bed.

Distraction is an incredibly powerful tool. Many of us have moods due to our illness. Bipolar moods are part of the package but coping with stress causes moods. This easily elevates to snapping at our partners. Many recommend time out. Time out includes distraction if you take that time out AWAY from the conflict zone. Google

Topic: relationship strife? The peace pipe- beyondblue

Years ago I used to restore vintage cars. I gave that up and flew model planes. Yes they were a good distraction but as they were my only interest/hobby they didnt stop me dwelling on my problems. In recent years my hobbies have included tinkering in my shed, gardening, cooking, designing, building our caravan, bb champion activity and outdoors like collecting firewood or garden stones. I want to add gold detecting and photography

As I've got older physical activity like gardening has to have a 1-2 hour limit so by default I've switched interests several times a day which results in more efficient distraction. It seems I stumbled onto a happier way to avoid depression.

A relative of mine lives in the city. Upon talking to her about her depression she now has a large jigsaw in a spare room, plays tennis, organises tennis events, plays scrabble nightly with hubby, cooks cheap meals to save money (pensioner) and maintains a vegetable garden. She was reluctant to garden as she rents but we went to a large hardware and purchased those iron garden beds you can empty when moving house.

Having a variety of interests spreads you mentally and physically. Distraction is an effective way of switching your attention more than is obvious. Both ideas you'll find effective as your senses are activated to changes in environment.

Can you use distraction?

Tony WK

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I find distraction very useful!

It cuts the runination cycle and makes you be mindful and in the moment.

I distract myself by:


Being busy at work

Taking on a new project eg. selling something, taking on a new course

Making goals

I find coffee helps with all of the above if i have a bad day of rumination it gives me the energy to get on with distraction activities!