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Daily dose of gratitude

Community Member

Hi BBers,


I have been staying quite low profile on the forum despite joining a few years ago and this is my first ever post. I feel that my mental health has improved by leaps and bounds since. I personally found that thinking of 1 thing I have been grateful of each day has really changed my mindset and outlook so am hoping to continue this thread.


One thing I am grateful of today is that my dog came up to me for cuddles before I left for work.

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Eagle Ray
Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Dear Sasuke,


Welcome and that's a lovely idea to have the daily dose of gratitude. It really can make a difference. It's great to hear that you have experienced much improvement in your mental health. I love that your dog came up for cuddles. Dogs are the best!


I am grateful today for the woman I spoke to when I had to ring a service provider. She was friendly and helpful. It made the phone call feel easy and non-stressful and she clearly communicated the information I needed.

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I find your post inspiring.


One thing I am grateful for today is because I was able to wake up early and in a very good mood.

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Champion Alumni

Hey Sasuke


What a wonderful & thoughtful post!


I am very grateful to have met the wonderful members residing in public /private care facilities 


my kindest always






This is a really good post and something I take for granted a lot!


Its early here so I'll say what I was grateful for yesterday. I was grateful that I got to go to swimming lessons with my kids and they enjoyed themselves.