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Crochet is my meditation /sharing why yarnbombing helps me stay well and helps others mental health

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Hi all,

    I've been chatting with the lovely and beautiful Narniakid about how crochet is one of my ways of staying well and is a form of meditation and mindfullness and relaxation and creativity that feeds my soul. It lead to my joining a local yarn-bombing group and has really helped me through some tough times. We are an anonymous group who install under cover of darkness and take down in the dark , so it's a bit magical.

This is not about furthering a particular group but after many of our projects the community feedback has been how it's made people laugh,improved their day, helped their mental health etc. So whether you choose google our group, The Purly Queens in WA , or just view yarn-bombing in general I absolutely guarantee that it will astound , amaze and brighten your day and bring joy to your heart.

I know when I was approached to join the group and went on to research on the internet it made me laugh and filled me with such hope and happiness. It continues to do so 3 years down the track and I just wanted to share that with others.


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