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Creating a Safe Space in the Home Environment

Community Member

Risk Containment/Stabilisation 


My dog and I live in a self-contained granny flat on my parents' property.


I am currently unemployed (partly due to recent panic attacks) and do not have the financial means to seek other accommodation at this point in time. 


I would appreciate any tips on how to create a safe space for myself at home when my dad is a trigger for me and he works in his shed during the week, which is situated directly next to my flat.


Some suggestions my psychologist provided:

*lock my back door/place heavy object behind door (so I don't have to worry about dad 'popping in' unannounced) - I don't have a lock so suggestions how I can achieve this?

*curtains on glass doors for privacy - suggestions how I can DIY this with velcro etc.?

*staying at my in-laws a couple nights per week (to give me reprieve from heightened anxiety at home)

*predictability in routine (e.g. scheduling times of day when mum comes into my flat)

*alternative parking options (so I don't have to walk past dad to reach my car)

*TV on/music for background noise (so I don't have to hear dad working outside my flat).

*Lighting a candle 


Thank you 🙏



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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Indy3~

I'd like to give you a belated welcome to the Forum. I know it has been a long time for you to wait, unfortunately some times the system does not work as well as we would like. Please rest assured it is nothing to do with you , or the subject of your post.


I'm afraid before I can really say anything I need to bring up a very sensitive subject. Please do not feel you have to answer unless you want to but why is you dad a trigger?


Your psychologist has given you some ideas, though they may not all be practical. A wooden wedge will keep a door closed and masking tape will hold up very lightweight material or sheets.


However from the sounds of it you mum is not someone you wish to avoid, have you tried to talk this over wiht her?


I do hope you come back and discuss this some more