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borders re opening making friends during restrictions

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with the coronavirus restrictions am finding it hard to get together sort of because of that.

what is a way to get together or make friends during the restrictions or both.

when place you live at which youre happy doing at moment isnt big enough to have self contained space what would you do until youre able to buy your own.

sometimes just feel isolated and like its going to take a long time to go back to before


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Hi car10001,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out. It can be quite difficult to make friends especially when being in lockdown, but now after the restrictions have eased things might get easier for you. I think the best way would be to put yourself out there more, do more activities or take on new hobbies. You can join gym classes or a yoga classes, go to an event and chat with people. You can even ask friends from work or school to invite you out with their friends and you will be able to form new friendships. You can also get involved in the community by volunteering, it would be a good way to make new connections and also gain new friendships. Hope this helps.

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Hello Car10001 Thankyou for your post and Welcome,

The lockdowns have made it very difficult and have isolated a lot of people face to face contact leaving only online or over the phone contact which is not the same.

I Think with lockdown the best thing to do is maybe to look at facebook groups in your area who interact online or social media groups to make some friends.
Once the lockdown is over you can definitely go to the gym or join a sports team its a great place to make friends

I hope this helps, it is really difficult with the current restrictions we are living in

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hi everyone.

wondered if there is a coronavirus information place in sa that will have a email address that you could contact with questions.

just have a small concern when sa borders open as am living in a small house thats not big enough to quarantine separate or not be affected because of a house member if either they or you come into close contact with a positive case or someone gets sick and goes to get a test and has to isolate.

reason for feeling that the current home even though am happy living there isnt suitable for me to either not suffer because of a house member if they get sick or come into close contact and have to isolate or for me to isolate separate from members because either coming into close contact or getting sick which is unlikely without facing extended quarantine all because you couldnt isolate seperate because of house not being setup properly is because am at a age and point in life where am wanting own space and independence and to be able to isolate separate from other house members if coming into close contact so you dont have to take chance and face extension because you couldnt isolate separate or not suffer because of a household member because you would have another building wether it was on same property or had your own part time place to start with and wouldnt be living in same building as the others plus itd have a kitchen and bathroom.

you probably already know that if someone in your house has to isolate the rest are supposed to (thats how it used to work) unless you can separate even if on same property wether the isolator separates or you separate so you either dont have to do it as well or dont have to take chance and face extension because you werent able to separate.

you probably already know also that if someone in your house quarantines and isolates at home that the isolator or others should try stay elsewhere for duration or be prepared to do it as well and possibly face more than required time if you cant separate.

also get concerned because of living with a person thats known to get sick and you never know if or when they have to get a test and because you live there particularly because you share the same amenities with that person and dont have your own self contained space it affects you and youre also at a point where youre wanting your own self contained space and somewhere to quarantine separate in event you need to without facing extension.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Car, if you google this

sahealth +covid-19

Help and advice on COVID-19 for South Australians - SA Health

How to get help and advice with your COVID-19 questions. ... surrounding COVID-19. It is available to people to maintain their mental health and wellbeing.
‎SA Health/COVID2019 · ‎Zoe, our COVID-19 virtual... · ‎Mental health support

Common questions
What is the Australia COVID-19 helpline?

What should I do if I feel unwell and I suspect I have COVID-19?

How long does it take for symptoms of the coronavirus disease to appear?

What should I do if I have a confirmed case of COVID-19?

Call centres and information lines | SA.GOV.AU: COVID-19 or

'in S.A are there places to ask questions about COVID'

Hope this helps you.



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wondered how you would be able to get the independence of going up however you want and not have to fit in with who you live with when it comes to transport or accommodation every time theres family functions far from where you live. even if you chose to go with someone how would you get the independence of not having to fit in with who you live with about things.

got a uncle who is having a big birthday in less than 2 years and his kids which are cousins have more independence because they dont live with him and wondered how to have the same independence while youre still living with who you are until you are able to live more independently and not have to try run a house before you are financially ready or take on a big loan before having saved 20% for a deposit as am wanting to buy.

eventually want to live more independently and not have to fit in with who you live with such as what you wear or accomodation or whatever but just trying to sort the most important thing first and come up with a short to medium term solution until am able to buy a place