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I was diagnosed at 46 with bipolar after being taken to hospital with psychosis. Upon reflection of my undiagnosed tears the disorder has had a very negative effect on life. I've suffered multiple bouts of dellusions, hallucinations, psychotic rages and psychosis. It's not that I didn't seek help, I did but was always diagnosed with anxiety.

My bipolR is comorbid with ADHD where it seems I have the worst traits of ea h.  I ca. Ot think of a time in my life where I was stable, not even on meds, everything is a fight of some kind.  Throughout the years I have been totally self destructive and pushed my husband and I to financial ruin.  I hate that in order to have a semi normal life I'm on pills whi h sometimes interfere with my life just as much. They seem to take some of my personality away and I'm e tremely tired, both nebtally and physically. I've found that talking about it with those that i dersta d bri g's me closer to understanding it myself especially linking it to past behaviour. I feel quite isolated with this, often having feelings of isolation. And lonliess.  I don't think I need anything in particular, just to be able yo talk about it and learn to come to terms that it is life long and I will perhaps struggle on a daily basis. Thanks for allowing me to post. 

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welcome to the forum.

thanks for sharing your story. 
I have been living with adiagnosis  bipolar for 50 years. 
a few years ago I though I may haveADHD  as well but feel I am too old to be given another label.

there is a thread called this bipolar which you are welcome as we are a friendly supportive bunch. 
I am here if you  want to chat.