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A Bouquet for Pearls - share your appreciation for other members

Just Sara
Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Every now and then, members share a beautiful Pearl of Wisdom. How often do you think to yourself; "OMG that's great! I wish everyone could see this."

Presenting someone with a bunch of flowers is a generous way of acknowledging their insightful words.

I hope this thread stays active through members giving out praise regularly to people they feel deserving, and therefore keep generosity of spirit alive within the pages of BeyondBlue Forum.

My bunch of Red Roses (my choice) goes to Wishful for the following sentence;

  • 'Personally, I see no reason to be praised in me, but I'm learning that seeing through the eyes of others can be more accurate!!'

I so hear you Wishful. Just beautiful...

  1. Try to keep your leading comments short to focus on 'their' words.
  2. Choose specific flowers (or a gift if you like) to present to them.
  3. Sign off respectfully and sincerely.

I hope this takes off...

Spreading the love...Sara

715 Replies 715

Community Member

"Pearler" of a thread. It will become an absolute treasure trove of wisdom and insight.

Where to start...so many...perhaps there are not enough flowers in a florist shop!

How about; Sara, my wish is for you to have someone to give you a Daisy a Day for:

"Getting to know you...or is that me?"

You deserve it x

Warmest regards, Lee!

Ok Lee; didn't expect that one...

Thankyou...sincerely. Validation is Gold...

dear Sarah, a very compassionate and thoughtful post, and even one rose signifies love and care and along with it, a cuddle will top it off. Geoff. x

Thankyou so much Geoff for the hug and single rose, your support means a lot to me.

So today, I'd like to acknowledge Geoff for his dedication and more than '7000' posts!! My gift to you is a pure white Magnolia Tree and a phrase;

'In the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years' - Abraham Lincoln

You're making them count!


Hi Just Sara

Magnificent thread idea

I'd like to issue blondeguy (Paul) a 4 leaf clover.

He's had a tough start to the year and could do with some luck. He has also gallantly stuck to his champion role during tough times.

Tony WK

For Automaton, no flowers but a musical note instead.

And it is very important to note that only you know what's best for you, and you need to fight for your own rights -- don't let anyone impose upon you anything you're not ready for or don't believe in your heart will help.

Automaton's words resonated deeply with me. We are all our own experts when it comes to self.

Dottie x

Thanks you guys for keeping the spirit alive; spreadin' the love...

Congrat's Paul Blondguy, and Automaton!!

I wish we had a 'tag' function!

This is a witty pearler from Rob (Gruffud);

'Now that my gwelly (bed) is upstairs, does the extra distance I have to travel through the night as the earth spins on its axis equate to more time to sleep and per chance to dream?'

Sending you a bunch of purple and turquoise daisies Rob to brighten up your day, just as your question did for me. (Not sure they exist...but they should)


Hi Sara

What a great thread and thankyou Sara! (and TonyWK bless your heart)

I just wanted to say how much the new posters are appreciated on the forums (whether they have posted a thread or not is unimportant)

I spoke to Automaton recently and I mentioned that his (her) input is just as important as anyone else's on the forums...(including my own)...This goes for everybody as they have their own issues and beliefs which are valued

If we didnt have new(ish) posters I would no longer be required as a volunteer and the forums wouldnt exist.

my kindest