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30 minutes can change your life

white knight
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Community Champion

I think there is a good percentage of members here that overall need stimulation, perhaps you are a negative thinker? From a negative family? 

 I was a negative guy until I hit 23yo. Then an event occured where it changed my life forever- it was a motivation lecture. This might interest you. I'll try to be brief. I sold insurance for a short time. I was doing ok. I went to this lecture as part of my training. The guy talking was "Bill" and he opened up telling us how, at 42yo he started selling insurance. But after 6 months not one policy was sold. With the stress he had a heart attack and lying in hospital his wife came for a visit and asked Bill what he wanted to do when he was discharged from hospital. "I'm going to be a millionaire selling insurance" Bill blurted. His wife laughed at him and it was that laugh that sealed Bill's future. For he no longer cared for anything else. His wife seemed to ridicule him with "that laugh".

Bill started to put plans in place. For motivation he decided to stop his car at 11am everyday where ever he was, and knock on every door of that street until he finished every house. If the street was really long he would return the next day and continue. He started selling a few small policies. Then one day he was in the centre of Melbourne and looked at his clock and saw it was 11am. He was in a major street in the heart of the city. But...good to his promise he started knocking on doors, every door of every tall building. Two weeks later he is still knocking. He arrived at a building owned by a major mining company. He made an appointment and the guy said "bring along a superannuation expert with you". The next day he was riding the elevator up to that office and the expert told him "introduce me Bill then keep quiet...leave it to me" Well Bill actually fell asleep during the discussions. Then forms were signed. On the way down the elevator the expert asked Bill "do you know what just happened"? "No" said Bill. "We just sold Australia's biggest mining company an extra 1.5% superannuation for their 60,000 employees" said the expert. "That means I get nothing because I'm on a wage, but your commission is just over one million dollars". Bill returned home, put his slippers on and relaxed. His wife came home and asked "how did you go Bill"? "I made one million dollars today....AND DONT EVER LAUGH AT ME LIKE THAT AGAIN !!!!!

By this time he was yelling at us. Never ever give up...!

Try motivation.

Tony WK

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Hi Dools,

I see. Seems a poor workplace.

Let me mention my narcissistic first wife. She had this amazing ability of mentally blocking out people. As a young teen she had a mother that physically was nasty, elbowing her without warning for example. She my ex developed a remedy thinking "you can do anything verbally or physically but you'll never get past my skull into my brain".

Hence if she was in your job she could cope easily by merely standing there, any abuse would be like they are yelling at a brick wall.

I accept of course you nor I have that ability but it could be an example of how

  • we can acknowledge we are not in an ideal workplace for us
  • That we need new skills to survive in our job
  • That we should pursue management as to why they ignore us even if it's a personal reason about us
  • We can resort to looking for a more ideal job. I've often said, customer service isn't ideal for those with MI

And so on.


Thanks Tony,

All valid points. I'm going to write up some positive affirmations to take to work to remind myself I am okay and I don't have to take on board the frustrations and anger of others.

I have started reading a self help book that is reminding me about unhelpful ways of thinking and cognitive distortions. It is explaining how I perceive the world is my belief but are my thoughts the true reality of a situation.

A timely reminder to consider if I can look at issues in a different manner!

Thanks for helping out TonyWK Cheers to you