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I belong... here?

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Valued Contributor

Wouldn't you agree that our brains are just some sort of hoarder - years of gathering info on how to act, think, behave (why do knives always go to the right of the dinner plate??); what 'makes' our lives complete; what 'defines' us; how our job/possessions represent achievement; friends vs enemies vs frenemies!; and classifying ourselves by what we do and not who we are in essence (as opposed to how we wish to be portrayed)?
We seem to live a life of comparison to some unrealistic ideal lodged firmly in our heads from our very first breath - emulating and measuring expectations (and biases) of parents, peers, social circles, and anything that we fear may pass judgement on the 'correctness' of our presence. Even those who buck the system are merely creating a predictable stereotype to the same end.

My advice: LET IT GO! We belong for no other reason than that we are here. If not so, then it would not be so.
In most cases the issue can be looking too much back at ourselves - critically running events through this rather clogged filter of behavioural appropriateness to soothe/satisfy the conniptions of others (who are no doubt doing exactly the same thing).
We are only ever this moment in time and the one constant is change - erosion, degradation, subsidence, climate, evolution, and the very cells in our bodies - we live in a state of flux on a planet in perpetual motion. The one assurance being that everything that is, although undergoing several transformations (and abominations), is as it should be, and accepting our association to this natural order can help us to understand it is not really our business to meddle, control, or take ownership of what is provided - so far, despite patting ourselves firmly on the back with our inventions, interventions, and aspirations, we have made quite a hash of it on the whole.
Mindfulness may be more about releasing ourselves from our thoughts - the ability to let things pass through instead of taking up residence only to veil reality or find ulterior motives.

Has no one observed how absurd the construct of life is? Surely you have felt it every day as you strive to find inner peace and synergy within existence and your place in it.
What thoughts/beliefs have you held so long and so dear that you can't even remember why? What can you dispose of in your mind that is just taking up valuable space, diminishing awareness, and bogging you down?

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Champion Alumni

Hey Tranzcrybe

Thankyou for the excellent thread topic! Letting it Go can be a huge ask...Just for myself I lead an uncomplicated life devoid of buzzwords like 'trigger' which have an air of permanency

Just a friendly note re 'mindfulness'....This is concerning to me when 'health professionals' automatically recommend it to people with a 'tired' mind. I have seen 'mindfulness' being used on these forums a few times yet many people just dont understand it...except for Tim's (smallwolf) huge contribution/understanding in my 'mindfulness what is it' thread topic

Can I ask what your thoughts are about our formative years? They are the foundation for our well being....

You are an asset to Beyond Blue tranzscrybe....Nice1

my kindest


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Valued Contributor
G'day Paul, and a belated 'wave' back to you!

Supportive as always, I see, it is not without some 'hat tipping' to your Mindfulness thread that prompted this offshoot to contemplate the obstacles to being clear of thought and free from overlaying perceptions which aren't necessarily of our own determination in the first instance.

Whether we learn or inherit such attributes is interesting (my grandfather whom I never met, was a watchmaker - and I love repairing clockwork...), but from childhood we can only glean how 'structured' life is to be lived from the observance of family, peers, educators, and convention, often in spite of (or intimidation/rebuke for expressing) our own desire to pursue our natural path (notwithstanding the impracticalities in the modern age).

These characteristics form the basis of our perceived identity, adding layers of complexity to stultify the burgeoning self.

Cheers to you, Paul.

Thanks tranzcrybe

I like the idea of getting rid of thoughts and feelings we have hoarded and clutter up your life.
I make too many assumption

i compare myself too much.

I put myself down

i remember negatives others ha said about me

at the count of 3 I will let them go.

Brains are great for storing potential safety hazards (sharp things, hot things...) from past experience, but somehow we have bundled all our 'hurt' feelings in there as well from unpleasant people with derogatory comments. I see why - it all handles painful encounters by telling us to avoid them; but that is not very practical in human terms.
So empty out that 'hurt' cupboard in your head, Quirky! :-
>> you make no assumptions,
>> have no need to compare yourself with anyone for you are unique,
>> and where you are is exactly where you're meant to be - neither up nor down.

Dispensing with longstanding and firmly held 'profile' on ourselves can mitigate any barbs - there's just nowhere for them to land!