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Would Like To Give Myself a Label

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I am a 22-year-old cisgender woman and have been thinking about my sexuality as of late and would like to give myself a label. I am mostly attracted to men, but there are times I do find some women and even men dressing in drag attractive. I have never dated or experimented with people and it can be hard for me to connect with anyone. I am socially awkward IRL and online and I hardly get out as I live in an isolated town with less than 30 people and don’t have a driver’s license to go anywhere.

I feel more attractive to guys than women, but I don’t think I connect or feel comfortable around them, as I like spending time and connect better with girls, but I only feel the occasional attractiveness with them and wouldn’t mind experimenting when the time comes.

Would there be a name for it?

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Hi, welcome

That label you seek is "you or a nickname you give to yourself because you might not slot into any known sexual boxes.

A famous singer once said "the best form of sexuality is the fluid kind, one that takes no thinking- "it just comes natural"

Bisexual covers both sexes. You can label yourself that and refuse to delve further when asked.

Try not to sweat the small stuff.


Beyondblue topic you are still a jigsaw piece


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Hi mixiekat74,

Thanks for your post and for sharing your experience of your sexuality with us. Thanks also for using the word 'cisgender' as this is the first time i'd heard it and it was great to look it up and learn a new word today! You might want to look into pansexuality or being pansexual, it's a bit different from bisexual and it sounds like it could be what you are describing. Hope that helps!

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Hi mixiekat74,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing something so personal.

I don't think there is a name for what you've described but you do what feels right to you, keep exploring whatever your inner voice tells you. You'll end up doing experiencing what your destiny had in store for you.

Good luck and let us know your thoughts.



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I've also heard of terms like 'omnisexual' as well. And then you have pansexual and bisexual like the other people have mentioned above.'Queer' would also work and personally, it's what I prefer to use for myself.