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What if ur parents don't like LGBQIA+ people but u think u might be bi

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[ Female, straight to bi ]

The thing about having chinese parents is that they never quite understand the pride people. Once I heard them talking about it, all my mom says is things like, " they're disgusting", "why whould anyone be that?". My dad's not any better. I'm not saying I shouldn't respect them, but just the way the call 'pride' struck me like a lighting over and over again... 


problem is


I'm bi, or a bi who's terrified to tell her parents about it 


a bi who's also got quite a lot of other mental problems ( anxiety, depression, and many more ) 

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hello and welcome.


this sounds like a really tough position to be in.  I know it probably does not help ... perhaps their views come from their own background and experiences.  I am sure you respect your parents, even when your views are different. And I have no idea how they would react if you told them.  Do you feel you need to tell them now?


Are there people you can talk to about what you are going through? They might have advice for you. 


But if you want to talk more ...

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Community Champion

Dear Belle46~

I'd like to welcome you here to the Forum where I'd think if you looked around you would find others with similar problems.


Parents have a huge influence in our lives but not all see things clearly. This is a very sad  as not only do we get to see the big defects in persons we love and very often respect but also fear that there is now a distance there, and being rejected or only tolerated might happen


I don't know your parents so cannot say what their reaction would be if you told them more about who you are.


I do think advice before plunging in would be a good thing  and a place to start would be


Qlife.org.au (1800184527)


who also have web-chat line if you  do not feel like talking. They are open 3.00pm to midnight every day. The website is full of information and resources as well as the skilled staff.

If you are under 25 you may also find


https://kidshelpline.com.au  (1800551800)


to be a great place to talk or web-chat too. They are professional, knowledgeable and can be a real comfort and open 24/7.


In the meantime may I ask if you facing all this by yourself - which is extra hard - or if you have a friend or other family member to support you?


You mentioned you also had a set of other matters involving anxiety and depression plus more to deal with. Do you mind if I ask if you are getting professional help with those? 

The reason I ask is I found it impossible to keep on trying to improve by myself - in fact I kept getting worse - and only started to recover when I had the the proper professional assistance


I do hope you come back and we can talk some more