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Sisters are doin' it for themselves

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Blue Voices Member

I have taken up running which for me is about the strangest thing I have done in a long time. Along the line I think I took in all those messages about me being some how week, effeminate... you know the list. So it was going against a lifetime of insults when I broke out the purple adidas track pants with three lines of sparkling silver on each leg (handy for night visibility) and my crisp white Abercrombie tshirt (not that I am a label queen, it was the advertising I fell for). I am about half way through the Zombie run 5k training program. It is starting to feel rather good to have... exercised? I feel stronger? I think I am still getting my head around doing this. No broken nails or feelings just yet.

I was wondering if others have gone against all that stereotypical stuff to make a change for the better. What did you change? and what helped you make the decision to do it?


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I was a weed at school and crap at sports and got called all the names you'd expect. Hated anything physical activity wise for years because of it. I think the turning point for me was being diagnosed poz and thinking, well I'm going to have to really think about my health for years to come now, so this is a project.  And in the process discovered that i actually like exercise and I'm not too bad at it.  It's a mental thing.  If I'd been given just an opportunity to participate all those years ago instead of being ridiculed, then things could have been very different. But I'm going to make the best of it now.  Good on you, Rob.

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Blue Voices Member

Thank you Justin,

You are awesome. 

I think I used to hold myself back out of fear, and that I believed all that stuff people said. Turns out that all that couldn't have been further from reality. It is hard work leaving all that behind, but I am going to make the best of it now too.