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I'm questioning my sexuality!!!

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Hi, I'm feeling really anxious about posting here but I've been thinking of my sexuality for at least two years now. I'm in a friend group of people who understand themselves and I feel like I'm behind. I'm still young but I like knowing what is ahead of me I worry too much and constantly wonder whether I like girls? boys? or no one at all! I'm so confused since I feel I don't understand what attraction feels like. Do I just think they're pretty or do I actually feel attraction towards them?

I'm honestly here looking for support and similar experiences as I have come out as queer to few people and usually cope with feelings of confusion through humour yet I feel I'm leaning towards bisexuality: they/them and she/her or aromantic/asexuality which are both very different yet I feel I relate to those two the most. This might not even be understandable but I feel it was worth a try!

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Community Champion

hi and welcome to the forums.

one part of your post that I can resonate with is (as I understand it) is knowing the answer, or wanting some sort of certainty and the associated worry otherwise. And your post is understandable - I think I see a person who is going through a confusing time trying to work out their sexuality. If you do a google search for...

beyond blue questioning my sexuality

you will find quite a few posts on the forums from people with similar questions. A couple of web pages you might want to look at are:

  • https://au.reachout.com/articles/understanding-your-sexuality
  • https://healthyfamilies.beyondblue.org.au/age-13/raising-resilient-young-people/gender-and-sexuality

lastly, one thing I like to do is reading stories and books on topics relating to my situation. Through reading, I might find some commonalities. It might not give me the whole answer and if not, gives me a few clues for the next bit. Perhaps the best bit is that you had the courage to talk about this here. As scary as it might seem, you will get through this period.

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Community Champion
Hi, welcome

So happy you wrote your post. This is totally anonymous here so relax and enjoy.

And it seems enjoyment of discovering your sexuality has been replaced with worry and worry will not actually assist you with solving anything.

Every person on this planet has uniqueness and your uniqueness is no less valuable. Embrace your individuality because whoever you are, that is yet to be found, is a character with sexuality that is wonderful. Work towards believing that and love will come your way. Don't let anyone tell you that you should fit into any traditional pigeon hole.

I've got a thread you can read and comment on if you desire.


Beyondblue topic you are still a jigsaw piece

Beyondblue topic worry worry worry

Enjoy your future