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Helping my transgender brother be more positive

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My younger brother is affected daily by his gender dysphoria.

He is only 16 and hasn’t had top surgery. despises his chests. Spends up to half an hour looking in the mirror hating himself. He is self harming. I hate seeing him so against himself. He has started taking anti depressants and talks to a councillor. But struggles to seek the actual help himself and consult a professional in this matter. I have given him all the resources and support, but he refuses to get help.

He expresses deep emotions, then gives me the cold shoulder as if he’s ashamed he’s said too much.

I hope to know your views. Is there something I should be doing different? When you were transitioning what support would you have liked to have from your family? Or those experiencing a similar situation currently.

Advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi, welcome

You sound like a really caring sister.

By me posting it will bump it up a little, hopefully you’ll get another reply or two.

He must be mentally in turmoil and imo is unlikely to be able to find peace without such help. Sadly if someone doesn’t want help there’s little you can do

In the meantime you can ask your brother to google these threads and read the first post of each

beyondblue topic you are still a jigsaw piece

beyondblue topic accepting yourself, the frog and the scorpion

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Hi, I'm going through exactly the same with my son. I understand how hard it is.

I'd like to echo the previous reply- you are a great sister and an invaluable help to your brother. Would he be willing to talk to Qlife, or go to a group at Headspace? Does he have a trans-friendly GP?