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Does body image control you?

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi All,

Does the way you perceive your body control how you feel about others and what you think they think about you?

Does your body image have an effect on how you feel you fit into society? Of course, for trans people I can imagine this is a huge factor in almost every step in the journey to aligning physicality with gender identity.

What are your thoughts and experiences?


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Isn't that a complicated question.

I think it was awkward until I figured out that the best description of how identify is genderqueer. There are times when I enjoy trying out feeling masculine and exploring how that helps me fit in. Mostly I quite like the ambiguity, my body won't ever quite match what is inside and I have gotten to a point where that is OK. In a world that expects me to be straight or male I don't particularly want to fit in, it's not like others don't pick up on that. I find that as I have been more comfortable, it encourages others to explore and be who they are and how they are different. Some boys like to wear nail polish, some girls enjoy wearing cloths made for men. When that happens the world is a better place for me.

Hi Paul and Gruffudd,

I'm sure there are many people from all genders who desire to be someone or something else other than the image they see in the mirror.

As a child I was brought up like the son my parents had lost before I was born. My hair was cut short, I wore shorts and jeans and only had a dress for church and also my school uniform. I had toy cars and only had a doll when I saved up for one myself with my pocket money.

As an adult I found it hard to connect to pretty dresses, makeup, accepting myself as a woman. I still struggle with my body image and what I think is the world's perception of what a woman should be.

For those of you who make the decision to be the person you want to be, I applaud you! Love the person within.

It shouldn't matter how we feel regarding how others think about us...but it does at times! The thing is to keep your head high, smile as you walk down the street and believe that you belong, just the same as anyone else.

Cheers all from Mrs. Dools

Community Member
Hello. I almost choked on my coffee when i read the initial lines. I think my answer could be summarised by the simple expression "Well, duh!". As per my initial post/thread ["Withdrawal from world"], this issue dominates my entire life; indeed, it restricts me to "existing" rather than "living". It is singly & expressly THE reason my door is kept locked to the world [not a metaphor], & why every day is a rerun of the constant question "what is the point?".

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Moi, Indeed, I remember your original thread. Lovely to see you here again. I would love to see the world continue the change so that one day it is more comfortable just being whoever we are. I know the struggles on the inside are another matter, but they would be somewhat easier if others were looking to the fantastic in us.

I have returned home a few lunchtimes this week just to get that hour away from other people and all that heterosexual stereotyped gender stuff that I might be a little sensitive to at the moment.