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Not sure what im asking here, just needed to let it out!

I have isolated myself in my room for the last 2 days now and I just cant deal. My partner tells me im nothing as i dont have a job (lost it in feb) im nothing without him. I tell him he makes me feel worthless but he tells me to get over it or says ‘your still going’ He has avoided me for the last two days not a single word said even though I have been crying and being depressed. I feel so much rejection from the one person who is supposed to support me and love me. It makes me feel so unworthy and unwanted and unloved. I have no family or friends so my mind is suffering as i lay in silence. I cant express to my partner how i feel as it gets pushed back in my face time after time (ive tried). How does one get over these feelings? How do i better myself when I hate myself cause im not good enough? Why do the people you love the most hurt you the most? Sorry im just feeling real down and lost.

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I feel for you. You are everything not nothing. Sometimes people say things out of anger and don’t know how to response properly, probably because they way they were raised. I have felt like you throughout my relationship with my husband. I have children so getting out of the house with them is something I do when I feel the way your feeling. Changing your environment might help your sadness. You are not nothing. Don’t believe it for one second.