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I have worked at my workplace for 6yrs now and have formed many friendships over the yrs, but one female collegue is causing great issues 😞 We have the same birth date and were born in the same hospital in the same small country town and we formed a bond together because of this and we both call each other sister's, but not blood sisters …..

on a number of times through Facebook messenger she has repeatedly personally attacked me over minor stuff with work and on facebook but never to my face ( coward?) I have had a gutfull of her doing this, Ive even customed my FB page that she doesn,t see my posts etc and nxt step is to BLOCK HER!

last message she sent me was - on Monday night saying I never said hello to her when she came into work that Monday ( as she has Mondays off ) never seen her come into work! ….

then attacking me over who I comment and like on FB and that I don't like and comment on any of her posts? like what the hell!

Am I so wrong to think she is just all about wanting ATTENTION? …… she has NEVER apologize for any of her behaviour in the past and present and I continue to ignore her messagers and ignore her inperson cause I don't think I should have to justify my actions to her or anyone#

But she seems to think she is entitled to treat a person and as close as we were like she does.

She always plays the victim in her personal life and at work, shes a hypercondriact and lier and have I ever questioned her about all this NO

As I just turn a deaf ear to all that as she will NEVER change.

I totally just walk away from people like this as I think there very toxic people who just drain you!

I am really considering tranfering out of my current position as I,ve just had it!

Just need some help understanding about her behaviour …… thanks.

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Just sounds like a narcissist to be honest.

They're hard to deal with