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Wife is leaving me...

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12 days ago my wife told me she wasn't happy and wanted out. She told me she has been unhappy for 6 months but was in denial that the issue was me.

We have two kids under 5 and both work stressful jobs. We were going to build a house this year and she is studying.

She then went to stay at her sisters and left me with the kids for the majority of the last 2 weeks.

She has suffered from depression and anxiety but hasn't been medicated for a long time.

I suggested counceling, a holiday with just the two of us to reconnect, I even offered to quit my job if we could just try and work things out.

She is adament she doesn't want to try. Could this possibly be an episode of depression thay she might change her mind about or am I just holding out for hope that isn't there?
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Hi Needadvice1122,

Welcome to Beyond Blue, a place of warm welcoming people and help in times of need.

It be very hard for you in this stressful time, your wife sudden decision to leave without much or any real reason, would be confusing and surprising.

This in turn would be as hard for her too. The runaway motion of her life says to me she need a break from the stressful life, Work, study, kids, money etc.

With your wife having battles of depression, this motion of a time-out is maybe what she needs and when she comes back home she feel a bit more refreshed.

The hard part for you, is that you got no real reason for her cause of actions as yet. You got an idea that she need some sort of break like a holiday but I think it a lot of things for her that testing her.

Most mum will take the kids with them when they leave but with you having them most of the time, to me means she needs thinking time or time away from some level of stress or unhappiness or both.

I think she open up in time, when she understands herself what she needs or what she needs to heal. I think you can help her and both work together as a married couple. Believe that things be ok and take each day and problem that come up at a time.

Take care.