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Wife had 1 night stand and pregnant. What to Do

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 My wife has been in a weird depression for around the last 8 months. She has had depression since we had our first son (5). 6 months ago she had a melt down and tried to commit suicide but luckily didn't follow through. They gave her anti psychotic medication and it changed her completely. She left me but the she did start to come out of her depression and things were going great.   1 month ago I was away with work and was receiving txts saying she resents me and the kids and hates us etc. This is so unlike her as she is a great Mum and loves her boys.   I came home from work and she told me it was over but wanted us all to be friends for the kids and share the same house.   Few days after this I asked her if we could try anything to help our marriage as I thought it was going great and quite confused.   I received a txt later that day saying she stopped her medication and gave up on me and the kids and had a one night stand and now she is pregnant! She has had no contact with this guy since but she cannot abort it.  There is a small chance it is mine as we had sex a few times in the last month (see the confusion ?) but i highly doubt it as we have had a lot of unprotected sex in the last year or so with no luck.

She says no one can get past this and our marriage was over before she did this etc etc. But I know deep down she is truly ashamed and says she doesn't know who she is anymore and we are all better off without her etc.

I love my wife but is makes me sick to see her pregnant with , most probably, someone else child. She is getting a dan test done and  I know it was a once off and she is unlucky to fall pregnant like this but i don't know if I can watch this happen, but i don't know if I can walk away from her either.

 Any suggestions?

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Hi Charlie,

sounds a bit full on and I don't really have any experience with this. Perhaps the first step is to make sure u and your children are Priority number 1. Then ensure your wife is getting the help she needs. You can't change or help her unless she wants to make the change. 

sorry to hear you r in such a distressing situation. Keep talking on here.