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Why me?

Community Member
My ex met a girl while working fifo work when our son was 2 months old he kept it a secret until the Jo. Was over and be couldn't keep it a secret anymore he kicked us out of the family home and had her move in. He left me broken alone confused with nothing of our life left. I begged for months not to leave but he had no care. A few months later when he could see I was managing he wanted us back. I really wanted my family together but to much damage was done. I sit here and wonder to myself every day and night why me? Does he ever think about how he ruined my life and my 1 shot at having a family that wasnt separated and a marriage with my sons father. Why did he want to cause that much pain for me?
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hello Brittzx, I realise you want the family to be joined back together, but unfortunately your partner doesn't give a hoot about how you feel, and only wants you back when you are feeling better, that's not how a r/ship should be like, and it's only going to continue treating you like a person on a roulette wheel, choose you when he wants you and then discard you when he something to choose from.
I'm sorry but you should leave him and find someone who shows you the love and respect you deserve. Geoff.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Brittzx

Welcome to our forums.

I am so sorry to read what is going on with you. To answer your questions no, I don't think your partner has thought too much about your and your son and the pain it has inflicted. If he had thought about it then I don't think the situation would have occurred.

Even though you say 'why me' at least this is happening now before your son remembers it. My friend is going through a similar situation with her little girl and ex (who too has moved in with the person he was cheating with) and it is a horrible and sad time but it will get better and your son will remember the good mum he has.

Have you thought about seeing a counsellor to learn steps to move forward?

Blue Jane