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I am really struggling to cope with an allegation that has been made to me within the family.

I don't want to explain in extensive detail but the oversimplified version is that apparently my dad sexual abused this relative as a teenager and my mum apparently allowed/tried to justify it. All three people are grown adults so it is not a current thing.

All three I would consider crucial in my growing up and development of my identity (for better or worse) so this has really completely knocked me and just everything about my family and myself.

I am looking for any suggestions on what support groups there are for immediate family members of alleged sex offenders and also, if people think using such groups (if any) would be helpful or more detrimental right now..

I have some close friends I have talked to about it and a psychologist but I am feeling really alone in this specific situation and I am just struggling to get through each day.

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Blue Voices Member


Just wanted to welcome you to the forums and thanks for joining us.

I'm sorry to hear about what's going on for you but I'm not sure what could be helpful to say, so instead I found an organisation called PartnerSpeak. Their aim is to provide support and advocacy of non offending partners and families. They also appear to have a forum on their site -


As to whether it's helpful/detrimental, I'm not sure whether I can answer that for you. I can see what you're going through is isolating but on the other hand it might be quite confronting or triggering to read other stories. Perhaps this is something you could have a chat to your psychologist about - at least the option is there if you'd like to use it.

Hope this helps,