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Trying to help my partner but tired....

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This is so hard to post and a long story. For the short term advice I'm looking for though is how to encourage my anxious and depressed partner (& father of our three young kids) to cut back/stop drinking. His new anti depressants seem to enable him to tolerate more alcohol than before - is that common? When we fight and he realises he should not have yelled at me the way he did, and saying the kids and i deserve he then gets really low, does not try and make things better, resorts to more drinking and stops talking and appears angry with me when I know he is angry at himself. We have been in a vicious cycle of ups and downs for years, so I am confident we will get through this as well but I always worry if this will be the time we can't overcome the black dog...
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Isabel,

Im sorry it's taken so long for you to get a reply, it's no reflection on you at all, sometimes the posts get pushed back..

Welcome to Beyondblue Forums, you will meet some wonderful people here that want to try to help you with their insight..

I'm sorry that both you and your partner are struggling so much.

Im really sorry but it's really hard for me to give you any helpful suggestions on your partner's drinking..but your post should get bumped up now so someone with some insight into your problem will read and offer some suggestions..

I am wondering if your partner has had any professional councilling for his drinking and depression. Maybe it's something you both could do together, if you make an appointment with your gp, and let him/her know what's happening and how your feeling, then your gp can get you a referral to a psychologist and get a mental health care plan started for your partner..

Isabel, you need to look after yourself and keep yourself healthy, to be able to help your partner.

I'm sorry if I haven't been much help. But by me coming in and hearing you your thread will be bumped forward, I just want you to know that you are not alone..

Take care and Please look after yourself.

Kind thoughts,