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When I’m older

Community Member
When I grow up I want to be like you
I want to be caring
I want to wear my heart on my sleeve
I want to have good bearings
On how my life should be

You are not perfect
Nor should anyone be
But your core will always have an affect on me

You are strong and brave
I’m so sad you don’t see yourself that way
You are my rock
And now my foundational building block

You have endured so much
And had some real bad luck

And this has made your beautiful soul shine through
In everything you do

Now I’m older
I understand much more about your life choices
I hope to be like a solider
Listening to the wise voices
That can guide me to be like you
I’m so sorry for what he has put you through
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear TheLastSlice ofBread~

As usual you have captured somethng in your verse, it speaks to me, though perhaps not exactly as you intended, as I get the feeling the writing is for you, letting out a cry, or a statement, maybe a relief to set it out.

I do not know the person or your relationship, they have been put though hard times by the 'he'. Friend, mother, someone else.

In a way it does not matter to me the reader, what I see is that you have someone to admire, " I want to be like you" and someone whose actions can help steer you though life "I understand much more about your life choices" , not necessarily taking the same actions, but understanding why this person behaved as they did.

There is a kindness and empathy in you

If you think I've misunderstood please go on and say what you did mean. Mind you it will not affect what I have gained out of reading these words above