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When are you ready for dating

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I've been going through a nasty session of depression and anxiety for the past couple of years. I'm 55. A lot of my problem is being so so lonely. I've been on my own for 9 years. Was married for 18 years, divorced, had a partner for 3 years til my depression destroyed that. My kids are grown up, luckily still spend time with me and have a gorgeous 2 year old grand daughter. I also have a couple of great girlfriends who are very supportive. But it would be so lovely to have a special person in my life.

I'm doing the up and down thing. Some days, sometimes a week of doing really well then down I go again. They can't get the drugs right, I can't find a psychologist. I'm not looking for a partner to fix me. I would just like someone to spend time with, care about me, accept me for me, ups and downs and all. Is that too much to ask for? Should I be more stable before putting myself out there? When do you know you're ready?

I'm asking this tonight but by the morning ill probably have lost the confidence to have a go. But it will come back again. Your thoughts, experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.


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Hi Maureen.  The idea of sharing your life with someone is a good one.  Problem being where do you start looking.  If you are a church type person, that's not a bad idea, however the down side is, most guys who belong to church are looking for a certain type.  Night clubs are great too but could you see yourself in a night club?  I'm not trying to put you down, please don't think that.  There is no right or wrong time to meet someone, you know in your heart when you meet someone if he is right.  It depends on you, how you feel.  We all have up days, down days, days when just getting out of bed is too much.  There are online dating agencies which would be a good place to try.  You get to 'see' the potential person, read about his likes, dislikes etc.  At this stage you have nothing to lose by registering with a dating agency.  When you're ready, give it a go.  I can't think of anything else at the moment.

Best of luck.

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Thanks for your response pipsy. I keep thinking I should wait til I'm fully better. Just coming to the realisation that isn't going to happen. Hmmm!