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Daughter tiring to rule the house

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
I have a 16-17 year old daughter who is tiring to help around the house. Cleaning, cooking etc. I  also have a 14 year old son who A.D.H.D. who always leaves a mess every where he goes. All normal so far siblings just fighting. I try to break it up . it always ends in a yelling match. She feels threatened and gets defensive and now has angisoty she wont tet me parent either one of them.  The mother died from cancer in 2004. Leaving them with me with my health going north for the winter 
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Good Morning Kanga

You have your hands full here Kanga. Your daughter being defensive and feeling threatened can be signs of her blowing off steam and venting...and obviously missing her mum...

Do you have a GP that you are comfortable with? A visit to her/him would be a good move right now..If  that isnt possible your local council/shire usually have a social worker that can visit...this would be a huge help for your family...

Please let us know how you go

Kind Thoughts