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Well meaning family members... Ahhhh.

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I don't meant to be ungrateful, but does it bother anyone else when their family tells you to just push yourself, just stick it out, don't accept the way you are, don't accept this is all you can be... I really don't mean to be grateful, I know that others have the other side of the spectrum in terms of family members. But it just frustrates me when I try to explain that I know what to do. It isn't a matter of not knowing where the key is, it's a matter of willpower to walk over to it. For me at least, that's kind of what it's like. All I wanted to hear was to focus on my accomplishments and not be discouraged by the bumps in the road. But the focus was all around the bumps on the road, and why I shouldn't do it again. As if I don't know. Argh, just ranting here.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

That stuff is red rag to a bull.

My mum gets anxious about me having friends in her house for a coffee but tells me I just have to get over my anxiety about workplace confrontation.

Criticism seems to be a modern form of self defence.

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Blue Voices Member
Ahhhh yes this one is all too familiar with me 2 studied to become a youth worker had a job in the field for several yrs had my little boy he is 3 and a half has autism and mum wants me to go back to work he is my job his autism will always be my job im now a stay at home mum who also looks after hubby who has chrons disease they will never get it 😊