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Weary of new girlfriend

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Hi all.

Need some advice please, after a spending a year with a horrible lady who pretty much destroyed my life, i have met a new one which i have been seeing for 6 weeks. Heres the story.

Hi guys, need some advice if i have reason to be concerned or not.
Been dating this chick for 6 weeks, very independant strong busty blonde.
Anyway we have been getting on good, she only wants to see me on the weekends so generally stay all weekend.
Well yesturday she informed me that shes going out with a girlfriend she hasnt seen for a long time and staying in the city in hotel.
I wished her a good night and said dont you look too sexy lol.. she told me what she was going to wear.
Then i asked if shes going to share a room.
She then got real defensive by saying were not a married couple we are just dating, she doesnt have to explain herself to me.
So she imposed a 24hr text ban.
So i went to bed early, when i woke up for work i noticed she was online at 2am but no texts.. but she did text about 9am saying goodmorning hun. Hope your having a good day 💋.
So it seems she has a issue with me asking questions, i said i asked because we are going to bali and you said u didnt have any money. She said its none of my business..
Advice please?

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In her credit she did text about 6:30 last night saying chat tomorrow night, dont stress and chill.. i was only stressing because she was getting mad, misinterpreting texts.

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So theres been no chatting all day, i did ask her if shes busy this weekend, she said she will let me know because he has a lot to do, but im pretty sure shes going out with her friends again saturday night.. she wont say.m i still havent texted her..

I kind of feel like a door mat or shes not really into me.. feel like crap, starting to get attached to this woman

Treat em mean, keep em kean

Although financials and personal affairs can be kept private in the early stages of a relationship, there is such a thing as give and take.

If she wants to spend her money on going out with some girlfriends thats really her choice

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Blue Voices Member

Hey Damian2211

New relationships and dating can be so confusing.

Communication is so important in any relationship, even ones just starting out.

If you are not exclusively seeing each other then neither of you have to keep tabs on the other person and if she wants to go out with friends then that's her choice but not talking, doing a 24 hour text ban etc is pretty unhelpful and a bit immature (sorry to be blunt)

I would just text or call her and see if she wants to catch up, you can either talk about what happened or just let it go and just see how things are when you're together now. It might not be the smoothest approach but you want to know where you stand right? Or your other option is to do nothing and see if she contacts you, I'd probably prefer to take the direct approach but that's just me.

Good luck


I dont have a problem with her seeing her friends and that but spent the weekend with her and she openly communicated with me about money ext..

The other red flag im getting is that her facebook is well hidden, she has random blokes message her because she has her facebook status to single and when someone who isnt her friend sees her facebook it just has hot pics of her on it..

She turns her messenger off when im there, and doesnt display anything to me. Sort of hides it.. but im the oposite.. 😞

Hi Damian2211,

I understand where you're coming from with your feelings about her facebook because, like you, I'm also really open with my social media, but a lot of people aren't- that doesn't necessarily mean they are doing the wrong thing.

And again if you're not exclusively seeing each other or had that conversation yet, she is entitled to have as much privacy as she wants.

Have that conversation with her, talk about where your relationship is going and share your feelings about all these things.

This can be a difficult conversation when the relationship is so new but as I said, communication is always best- that way, you know where you stand

I hope everything is going well