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Want to help my husband

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My husband has suffered anxiety and depression for about 10years but over the past few days he has been saying he can’t live and has having suicidal thoughts he is constantly crying and unable to see any positives. I have tried to get him to the hospital or suggested booking in with his GP but he keeps saying it’s pointless. I’m concerned as usually he will do one of these two things. Any suggestions on how to help him??
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Champion Alumni

Hello Wife@help, a warm welcome to the site, and know exactly what you're saying because that was me many years ago, in the same position as your husband.

Try and explain to him that whether or not he wants to go is particularly revellant, (and I only say this knowing that it is extremely important) but the focus is try and make him believe that the doctor needs to do a physical under the pretence that something maybe causing problems.

You can also ring 000 if he threatens to hurt himself, then he'll be taken to hospital.

Please ask any question you'd like.

Take care.