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Verbal and physical, and mental abuse from my own son

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Hi All

I need help!! Mothersday 2019 my son re connected with his drug dependant father, we have had no contact for 11 years.

Since that day he has openly told me he hates me for not staying with his dad, he verbally abuses me every chance he gets and I am to blame for every little thing. He is also on cocain and weed.

We both have depression but lately he is getting more violent and angry. I have not spoke to him since mothersday 2019 because he has made it clear that I am to blame for his life.

I am starting to get very scared because my other 2 kids and myself had been ignoring him but this year he has broke into my house and stole my personal belongings, my whole savings (he knew where I hid my money) he has chased his brother around in his car trying to scare him (my 2 younger sons have a disability) so explaining to them why he is doing what he is doing is so hard!!

His dad also just got out of jail 2 weeks ago and things have really really flared up bad and I'm so scared that he or his dad will really try to hurt myself of my kids.

They have threatened before to burn my house down of a night or run through my house with AK47's His father is also now a member of a gang and I'm just so scared of what's to come . . . So much so at the age of 34 I wrote out my Will yesterday as a last effort to try to make it so my other 2 kids don't 'have to have contact with him.

In the past he has wrote off 2 of my cars with not as much as a sorry, being a single mum I have had to struggle to get these things and he just doesn't care, Now I'm on my own again no car, no life no help and a constant fear that he is really going to hurt us.

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Hi SkyReaper, 

We are sorry that you are going through all of this, it sounds incredibly difficult. Thank you for being so brave and seeking support here on the forums - it is a wonderful step to take. 

We think it would be a great next step to give 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) a call so you can discuss your situation in some more detail. They will then be able to point you in the direction of further support. You are of course also welcome to give BeyondBlue a call on 1300 22 4636 anytime. 

If you feel that you are in danger then this is an emergency and you should call 000. You can also call the local police station and discuss these matters with them if you do not feel safe.

We hope that these resources are helpful for you, please feel free to update us on how you are going if you feel comfortable doing so. 

Kind regards, 
Sophie M