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venting: My Partner has depression and so do I

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My girlfriend (26 years old) was diagnosed with depression yesterday after feeling down for over a month. I'm 27 and have battled depression since I was 14. I have been well in control for years but I still have my bad days and periods like anyone. I'm finding it really hard to see the person I love most feel the way I did. The initial, intense fear and uncertainty. The overwhelming emptiness and frustration. My depression literally nearly killed me and I never want her to feel anywhere close to what I did.

Honestly, I'm terrified.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Amity A and welcome!

Your post made me smile... Sounds weird I know but what was most clear from your post is how much you love your partner.

You're terrified which is understandable but your partner in reality is one of the lucky ones. Why? Because she has someone in her corner who knows from experience.

You mentioned that your depression almost killed you. Can you see how that benefits her? You will not ignore warning signs. You will encourage her to invest in her health. You will be understanding and supportive of her need for therapy or medication regardless of cost. Because you know from your own experience that depression is very real.

Please make sure you look after yourself too ok. This sounds like it has really shocked you so please make sure to give yourself some TLC too. Maybe bring her to your therapy session (if you have a therapist) so she can see how it all works and that it's not scary really.

I hope you find a way to manage your depression together and that supporting eachother through thia hard time brings you closer together.

Please feel free to write if it helps you or join any conversation that interests you. This is a very gentle place and you and your partner are both most welcome here.