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I am a grandmother to 2 girls, my DIL and I use to get on great, my ex sis in law we were still in touch she has never had children and she gets to act like the MIl and grandmother, recently she repeated something to my DIL which was incorrect and my DIL has cut me off, but my sis in law is the one who has been saying things to me which is none of my business about my son and til regarding there finances and also lots of other things, she is trying to replaced me as my son's mum til and grabdmother which actually she is the gossiper I've never repeated the things she said but now I feel as if my DIL should know the things she has told me I am gutted that she is being treated like that and I've been cut off. Tiny ex family have nothing to do with my ex sister in law but my son and daughter in law have her look after my granddaughter once a week so they need her as I work full time. Please help any advice appreciated
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Hi Ttocs,

Welcome to the forum. Is it possible for you to have a chat with your son on his own? Would he listen to your side of the story do you think? It might not be beneficial to repeat all that has been said to you, maybe just that things have been said that you feel are not appreciated.

If you were to invite your son and his family over, would they visit? If an argument arose, could you ask them to just leave that matter behind and try to be nice to each other?

Once a person has heard something and they have an idea in their mind how they want to treat someone, it can be hard to change that around.

Hope you can keep in touch with your son and grandchildren. If the DIL is not around, then maybe that doesn't matter either.

Cheers from Dools