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Trying to move out post breakup with a fresh lease

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Hey everyone,

This is the first time I have ever posted in a forum and I’m doing this simply because I’m struggling to find the right answers. I’m hoping some of you out there have experienced a similar situation to what I’m going through right now and can provide some insight for myself and others that may be going through the same thing which is:

Moving out post-breakup and removing yourself from a co-tenant lease when you’ve only just signed.

During this pandemic myself and my ex-partner decided we’re not right for each other. Our relationship was very toxic and my ex-partner is very manipulative and isolated me from everybody and is continuing to do so.

Until I am able to move out I will continue to feel trapped. But how can I make this happen when we signed a new 12 month lease only a few days ago? If it was my choice I would not have signed it but the situation was out of my control.

In the beginning of the breakup they had said if I was to move out I would be “burdening them” with the rent and stress of finding someone to replace me.

Even if I am able to convince them it’s the right thing to allow me to leave how would I go about signing a new lease somewhere else?
I am currently out of work and on Jobseeker payments due to forced government closure of my workplace. I have a guaranteed position when things go back to normal however I am a sole trader and this makes proving income a lot harder.

is it even worth me looking at other rental properties right now or would I be wasting my time and not even considered as a possible tenant by real estate agents?

any advice would be helpful, I hope you are all staying safe and sane, much love ❤️

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Hi eld0rad0,

Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find this a safe space to connect with lots of great and supportive people. Your situation sounds like a tough one. I am sorry to hear you are going through a relationship breakup during this very awkward time. I actually have had this happen to me (minus the pandemic) with an ex-partner and the move had shook our relationship after also signing a lease - and shortly after, we decided to separate. I was the one moving out and left him with the lease and had my name removed off it by the estate agent and few bits of paper work and the transfer of half my bond. He was financially able to keep the place and eventually got a house mate. I moved into a share house while I figured out my next move.

I suppose I know first hand that it is possible to untangle these things however, in these unusual circumstances, this might be different for you. I wonder if you have looked on sites like flatmates.com.au to see if there is anyone who could move in, so you could start moving out? I also think it will depend on your ex's acceptance of you moving out.

Could you stay somewhere for a short time while you are figuring things out even if it is for the short term?

I have attached a link here for the tenancy support agencies for each state. These sites will have advise, forms and information about transferring you tenancy. https://www.tenants.org.au/tu/tenants-services-australia

And I suppose the best way to find out if you should start looking for places would be to call a property manager and explain your circumstance and ask what they are expecting of people who are on job seeker. It might mean some extra evidence of your ongoing employment but might be easier than you think.

I hope you are finding some moments of peace. Relationships breakups are really tough and when you are stuck in a global pandemic, this can be two fold. Take care of you and reach out here if it feels comfortable. We are listening.

Wishing you the best possible outcome,

Nurse Jenn