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trying to move on and out of the hole.

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Hi everyone,

 I am new to this and not sure I should even be here after reading others stories and experiences.

I go up and down and when I am down all I want to do is stay in bed- It usually gets ignited by seeing my ex partner who is a very prominent person in my industry and is everywhere- this in turn makes me not want to go out (or if I do i drink excessively) and distrustful of my friends (as they are also friends/colleagues of his).

I do not have a partner and get extremely lonely and thoughts fill me of unworthiness, lack of self esteem and basically think no-one wants me.

I am 36 and get down when I don't want to leave the house because how will I find anyone if I don't.

Very tired, just watching 80's films all day and feel that because I go up and down all the time I can't talk to anyone as they are tired of this.

Sometimes I think if my ex wasn't around life would be so much better as I would compare myself to him.

But he is and  need strategies to let go, move on and feel worthy and to live this life which I know can be beautiful.


Thankyou x


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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi bluesarah, welcome here

Well you are coherent and realistic. Thats a start. I dont think I could work in a job where my ex was in management. I'd be out of there.

And so, why dont you look for another job? A change is like a holiday. There's no other way of dealing with this.

Take care.  Tony WK