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Troubled family and marriage

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I am 25, and have been married to my wife for 4 years. We have 2 kids, a girl (2) and a boy (1). My wife and I are always getting into arguments over stupid, trivial things, usually because of something that I've done (or not done).

I will admit, that since having kids, my life has been a lot more stressful, I'm just not sure how to deal with this. We have just started seeing a psychologist together, to see if we can work on things. My wife thinks that I'm unhappy with my life, and that I take out my frustration, and anger on the people around me - I guess this is somewhat true.

Little bit more about me: I've seen a psychiatrist who told me that I have a form of austism/Aspergers (high functioning autism). I feel that I see the world differently to most. My brain is always going, always taking in information about everything going on around me. As a result, I often suffer from mild anxiety, but not to the point where I have panic attacks etc. I'm taking an SSRI for the anxiety side of things, and a stimulant to help keep me focused at work, as I'm often easily distracted by things.

As a result of my brain going 100% or the time, I'm always tired, I'm somewhat an insomniac, and sleep quite terribly. I want to improve myself mentally, and became a better person, in hopes that this makes me feel physically better, and that I be a better husband and father

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Blue Voices Member
hello there and welcome. I can relate to these issues as my little boy has severe autism he is only 3 and half yrs old but such a beautiful little boy. he is still non verbal has a few words and making progress slowly but surely. Becoming a parent is never easy but given that ontop you have special needs that makes ur parenting role even harder. Ur right ur brain is wired differently is always taking in information and doesn't stop. sometimes this will cause you to go into sensory overload sometimes may even cause you to go into sensory shutdown mode. This is where i want you to stop what ur doing and find a quiet space where you can calm down, if ur at work try to get out and go some fresh air if ur at home go do something that makes u feel good. Sleep is crucial i know its hard to get but is very important for our wellbeing. you could possibly discuss a medication that will help you get to sleep and promote a natural form of sleep there are a few out there, I take one 🙂 when needed coz i'm a shocking sleeper and also a sufferer of bipolar, boderline persoanlity disorder and depression. I have also been medicated for these for just on 16years and i now 36yrs old. I hope this has helped in some way there is always hope believe me - on another little note write ur wife little love notes around the house and she can do the same just a start on how to get the spark back with you too i think it's a really cute thing to do and also for you keep a diary so u get all ur anger frustrations out on paper i like to sit in nature while i write xx Venessa

Thanks for your reply.

Move tried many medications for sleeping. I've been through all the benzos, I've been given melatonin, and a medication used for full-blown insomniacs - but I still feel like crap in the morning.

I have mild OSA, and use a CPAP machine also, I'm thinking that it may need adjusting so I have an appointment coming up shortly

Oh so sorry to hear this xx I hope u have a solution to this pretty quickly so things can begin to regulate themselves again so happy that you have an appointment coming up shortly thanks for coming back to me an do let us know how you go xx take care for now venessa