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Towering Inferno

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Hi All,

Just came here looking for a bit of support, if a few kind souls can hear me out.

My recent ex girlfriend and I of 5 years have just recently broken up.

She has since admitted that during our rocky last 6 months that she had cheated on me (great help)

I had grown a little distant, started arguing more and not met her emotional needs, as I work in quite a demanding professional job. However what kills me is the loyalty and many things that I have done for her throughout the relationship have just thrown up in my face.

This betrayal has impacted me majorly, as I place a lot of value in trust personally.

As I am currently here on a skilled working visa. The support network I have isn't as strong due to covid and being far away from home, don't get me wrong though I love it here in Australia. This leaves limited options for moving on or pursuing other interests.

It just seems that everything around me is falling apart and I have no control over it.

Sorry if I'm rambling, I generally tend to be quite a strong person it just seems everything is overwhelming at the moment.

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Champion Alumni

Hi daithi1990

I'm sorry to hear about you and your gf separately. To say the most cliche thing ever...breakups suck! Especially when there is cheating involved, and you feel yourself becoming emotionally distanced, and things falling apart in general. It can hurt and be disorientating. Even a strong person, as you say you are, can be affected greatly by these things. It's a valid response, and you aren't alone in feeling these things.

You are in the right lane, trying to find positive distraction and pursuing other interests...but like many things, Covid-19 makes these things harder. You could reach out and contact Beyond Blue's Coronavirus service here: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/staying-well/coping-during-the-coronavirus-o.... This page can help you find positive and healthy distractions and help you look after your mental health even with things not being normal. In addition, could you reach out to your support network online? Maybe access a counselling service via your job? You can also use this thread to find community- we are here to listen.

Hope these suggestions help- please know you aren't alone, and time helps ease these things.