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They really don’t care

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ive been married 28 years

but I can safely say I’ve been living a single life whilst married he give me no support at all mental or emotional

Facebook is more of a partner to him than me.

mt husband shows signs of not giving a damn about me. I have cancer he never asks how I am

he is more interested in everyone else.

my family don’t care I have put off treatment to look after my mum n dad and no one asks

I get judged and abused everyday and I’m very sick too sick to care about what happens next.
I had a mini stroke in front of my husband and he did not even notice.

I cry everyday automatically I’m unhappy all the time. I’m sick and can’t leave my parents Cos my siblings are living the dream

wow what did I ever do to deserve this

there is so much more but I’m just wasting my energy I suppose

some family members are so stupid. There are signs of serious problems in front of their face and they refuse to see it

I suppose they will when it’s too late.
don’t know how much more I can take.
I really don’t know why km still doing this.
stupid I guess

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Hi Totally Lost,

I am so sorry to hear this. I have a chronic illness so in a way can understand the way you feel in relation to people not caring or understanding what is going on.

Have you ever spoken to your family or partner about your feelings? I ask yet I have the exact same problem in that I can’t open up to people. I think I have been more open to prefect strangers on this forum than I have been with my own family.

What I did find however was a psychologist who deals specifically with chronic illness. She actively encourages me to invite my partner or family members to a session so SHE can try to explain how my feelings to them.

I know how hard & lonely it feels when no one seems to care. I know how hard it is when you have no one to talk to.

But you are a WARRIOR. Look at you, fighting the biggest battle of your life & still helping out your parents. Give yourself a big wrap because that is a monumentous effort on your behalf.

Dont give up, just remember to take a bit more time for yourself. Whether that be for treatments, or just some “you time” or something as simple as a bath or a nap. You need it both physically & mentally. You could even do some research to see if you can find a psychologist in your area who specialises in cancer. You might need to ask your GP for help on that too.

Good luck & please don’t give up