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Thanks and update

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I wanted to say thanks to those who supported me in the new year with my anxiety and relationship with my 15yr daughter. I did seek help reluctantly after having such bad experiences in the past and was terrified to do so. Unfortunately that didn't go well and my privacy was breached and the matter is now being heard in the tribunal. Not to mention, she didn't listen to me and had factual information incorrect. On the same day I fell down the stairs and injured my ankle very badly and was bedridden until 2 weeks ago and have now developed complex regional pain syndrome. The problems with my daughter remain unresolved after the experience with mental health treatment and my injury. I sincerely thank those for their support. Particularly demonblaster.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Georgiegirl

Firstly thank you for saying that I'll find your thread and read through again.

I really am sorry to hear you're situation has gotten so much worse, especially when it was a difficult decision you made to get help and be going through this.

Not that I think this would help at the moment but I'd like to think at least that the majority of professionals take their clients privacy rights seriously.

What a shame your problems with your daughter continue.

If you'd like to talk anytime here please feel free to do so or in your original thread.

All the best with the tribunal.